next he's bringing an ironing board

We've been seeing more of our guitar teacher - but not for lessons...
Middle had asked for five or six lessons last fall and I called W.
We've always been friends with W but he's not always teaching at our house so when he was done with Middle's lessons this time around we decided to continue having him come over.
He doesn't have a television so it's been fun introducing him to shows like The Knights Of Prosperity and Deal Or No Deal and he lives alone, so it's fun to cook for him, and he plays a lot of musical instruments...and you know, everyone here (except me) is totally INTO playing instruments.
He usually has a guitar with him, which is nice for K, but one evening he brought something else...

he plays the SAW


Too dark?

I said THE SAW


He got Middle to try it - IT'S HARD! After a long time and lots of practice, Middle did pretty well.

The house got quiet and there was a fire in the fireplace -

K and W picked up their guitars.


I tried to talk with them, but they were wrapped up in playing...

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No one was interested in small talk and I said:

sometimes it's hard to talk to your wife and play guitar at the same time...

And one of them said : that's why it's there.


Anonymous said…
Of course, which one said it makes all the difference.
Paula said…
Marshamlow said…
I would have been so mad.
Anonymous said…
A saw...forget whatever they said...the guy was playing A SAW!
Anonymous said…
Oh! Who struck that cord?
Unknown said…
That was your cue to pick up one of the saws... and not to play music with, I might add.
MsCellania said…
I don't get it.
Meaning the guitar is there so you don't have to speak to your wife?
Is this Yankee Speak?

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