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Somehow, Middle has become enamoured of the Brocade Home catalogue.
I'm not sure where he saw it - and I do believe he has seen episodes of Bam's Unholy Union on MTV and that Mr. Bam's home is very, uh, baroque...but ANYWAY.
Middle decorated his room himself a few years ago.
It is navy and white and has light wood furniture (except I don't think it's wood as it's from Ikea and, as such, is probably leeching chemicals into the very air he breathes) and very much his personal taste.
But, since then, he's gone slightly goth.
And I say slightly because he doesn't wear black nail polish or draw black tears dripping from his eyes or anything - and he doesn't have a bleak attitude or spout existentialism at dinner.
But he does have this hair (guy on the far right).
And he does wear black jeans.
Okay, perhaps I am categorizing too much.
The POINT IS he has fallen in love with the decor that matches his look.

brocade home

The brocade, the heavy woods, the chandeliers.

<span class=

He adores this bed. WITH the purple velvet duvet.

And he wants this lamp...

brocade home lamp

I'm hoping this is a phase and he will pull out of it.
Either that, or he needs to find a full time job as this crappe is expensive.
Even when I do a google search on baroque Louisiana Whorehouse decor I find nothing comparable.
A search for purple velvet duvets lead me to this awful place -

purple <span class=

Middle shrieked: Purple camo?! For hunting Barney! In a vineyard!

I dug up some articles on the Brocade Home design ethic and found out that he needs some major props as well...antlers, dark draperies, paintings, and taxidermy.
I've decided on these:

bride and groom

Actual taxidermy mice. Dressed.

This one -

hamlet mouse

With an real mouse skull in his, uh, hand.

These proposals had Middle flee my company.
Our decorating plans are on hold for the moment.


robiewankenobie said…
i may have had the wee mice site bookmarked (is it the one with the shadow boxes and the full on Victorian scenes?).

i may have lost the bookmark.

i may want to know where to find it. it creeps me out, but i can't help looking at it.

i may be ashamed of myself.
Paula said…
Oh, the mice are wrong on so many levels.

It could be worse though, he could want a wall 'o beer cans.
blackbird said…
The mice are from Paxton Gate...
Badger said…
Well. That'll learn him.

(And also? Take him to TJ Maxx or Marshall's. They have a tonne of that crappe. For cheap!)
Unknown said…
Middle and the Boy would be fast friends. The Boy picked out his curtains himself. They are...festive. Orange and black brocady striped things with fringe and a dohicky over the top. I don't quite know how to describe them, but they were VERY cheap at the Christmas Tree Shop. And as Badger said, you can get a bunch of this kind of stuff way cheap at Marshalls, HomeGoods, and TJMaxx, which are all owned by the same company. Plus the Christmas Tree shop, which is even cheaper!

I think this might be a new style for the high school guy, because when my son requested a chandelier for his bedroom, right after he picked me up off the floor, his friends all agreed that it would be dabomb! Who knew?
Joke said…
Look at the bright side, for Halloween, all you'd have to do is spry on some of those temporary cobwebs and youve totally nailed that Haunted mansion look.

abrowncow said…
am i too old to say i love it! the mice too...

then again, i am of the black haired, black nailed mommy variety.
Anonymous said…
Oh Middle is cool!
Purple Barney in the vineyard lol!!
--erica said…
Middle is smart to flee!
I'm terrified.
I love purple too!!
Anonymous said…
I think I drank the same koolaid as Middle did!!!!! I found your site doing a search for "western victorian whorehouse decor". Yes. I want to do my bedroom up in elegant victorian whorehouse. I love all the rich colors, warm decor, fancy design. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I have a design in mind and I think when I am done, it will look very rich and elegant, annnndddd seductive. A place of warmth and posh fabrics.

Where is the world can I get that lamp??????? I LOFFFF IT!!!!! I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!