while my sewing machine gathers dust

I want to be a crafty blogger -
I do.
And, in my head, I am one.
But, in reality, well, I'm afraid artfully arranging the crappe on my mantle does not a crafty blogger make.
I continue to delude myself though.
In the beginning of December I knitted a big giant rectangle. From some of that lovely hand spun wool from South America (I think).
I didn't know what it was going to be - and it is, in fact, a big giant rectangle. But it does a good job of keeping my shoulders warm.

I did make the wrapping paper I wanted to make. I carefully wrapped everything with white butcher paper and then glued on funky photos from discarded library books (we gave everyone books).
Relatively crafty.

And now I find myself longing for a couple of long tunic-y dresses, which I know I could sew, probably even without a pattern.
But I decided to take a look at the McCalls site,
and I thought I'd share what came up after a search for 'tunic,' because I'm nice that way.

I don't understand how this qualifies as a tunic.

lavender beauty

Star Trek costume, perhaps.
It's even better from the back -

even better from behind

I call this one the Skip To My Lou Tunic -



I'm just not sure there is ever a reason to make pants.
I'm wracking my brain here, trying to imagine a scenario in which the sewing of pants is required.

And speaking of...



(I'm swooning over the pattern for the HATS though.)


This last one ends my foray into the world of sewing.


Joke said…
Couldn't you make your own pillows?

I mean, if you don't have to catch and shave your own geese or anything like that...

Anonymous said…
sewing is something i wish i could do. in 8th grade i took a sewing class in school and actually made 2 dresses for myself. one was a regular type dress that was popular back in the 70's(empire waist,loud print) and the other was a white tennis dress(did i play tennis...? i can't recall)they had zippers and buttons and everything.when i sit down at a sewing machine today i can barely remember how to thread the thing-it's an old model singer , much less make a button hole! if only sewing was like riding a bike!
BabelBabe said…
oh man, my Perfect SIL - she who makes her entire family of five men (4 sons & hub) wear matching pjs on Christmas morning - would LOVE this last one.
Anonymous said…
Take the knitted rectangle and turn it into a shrug. All you have to do is either sew the two sides together to form sleeves or pick up stitches and do a three needle bing-off. Um, just make sure not to sew the whole thing closed, otherwise you've made a muffler. :0)
Anonymous said…
Um, I meant bind-off.
Jess said…
You couldn't find the pattern for the dog-sized scrubs?
Anonymous said…
AWWW! Look at the little Westie! Just like my Clyde.
Anonymous said…
cannot stop cackling. bb, you are good for the soul.

Anonymous said…
Amazing the "tunics" you found! HA!

As to scrubs, my daughter made her own until the time when she is wearing street clothes to nurse now.
Anonymous said…
What? You don't want to make matching pj's for you, your husband and your dog?

I'm sure it is a perfectly lovely rectangle.
--erica said…
I can't be one.
I just don't have the time..or the drive.
I think I'm more of hobby crafter.. A gift crafter.
..an "I should be cleaning the house but really don't want to" Crafter.
Anonymous said…
Rug hooking. There's something about working with the rich texture and color of felted wool. Adventures to the thrift store searching for beautiful wool skirts and jackets to deconsruct and boil. And, you get to refer to yourself as a hooker.
RW said…
I laughed out loud when I read this post.

Anonymous said…
The pattern exists. I bought it to copy a Tory Burch tunic. (if you look at Toryburch.com you'll see the Tory tunic - it's that minus the stand-up collar)
If you'd like the details on the exact pattern, they're yours... I'm "working" at the office at the moment.
blackbird said…
How did I not know about Tory Burch I am wondering...
such nice things -

and HOW about an email address Cary?
Anonymous said…
A good tunic does wonders for belly bulge, which I'm suffering after the holidays...I fell in love with them last year - my love of tunics was born of necessity. You probably just have good taste....
Anonymous said…
I was about to ask what the flying pyjamas were in the middle of the last image, and then I realised, they're for the dog.

Sighing SO loudly.
If you start a "Let's be crafty blog," I'll join! I do not want to sew scrubs, nor the doggy sweater though...I like the butcher paper idea, and maybe the pillowcase idea mentioned in the comments!
How do you come up with all these funloving posts???? And find these photos???
Anonymous said…
You used to be able to buy the scrub hats from Dharma Trading, for your crafty pleasure, but they finally discontinued them, I'm guessing for lack of interest.
Anonymous said…
I love clicking through those crafty blogs, their inspiration is contagious.


I can barely knit and I've only dabbled in card making. And that pretty much sums up my craft related career.

My kids wear matching pj's on christmas morning...to think i could pick a fabric and make my own? oy...i wish i could sew. My luck, I'd spend hours on them and my son would wise up to the matchy matchy and put an end to it.
kt said…
As a person in the medical field, I must say that I am indeed sewing my own scrub TOPS as the affordable scrubs feature cartoon characters and horrific prints and only the expensive ones have interesting colors and fabrics.

When I get my camera back (it's cruising the Panama Canal as I type), I'll post the two I've done and the fabric awaiting the third....

(Can you stand the suspense???)

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