things I am liking right now


Dwell magazine.
I think I like it.
It takes me a few issues to decide completely if I am enamoured of a magazine, but I think this one is going to pass the test.

dwell house

Excellent articles on design, architecture and green living -
because I kid myself that we try to live green-ly
in much the same way that I kid myself that I am crafty --
or tall.

agnes b beret

My Agnes B. poofy beret.
It's 100% wool and can be a tad itchy -
but it's poofy and floppy and can be several different hats, depending on my mood.

wood blinds

Wooden venetian blinds.
I'm liking the idea of them right now -
for my upstairs bathroom, where we are right ON THE BRINK of actually taking action toward our renovation.


Tide Simple Pleasures Rose and Violet.
The violet is just blue enough to mute the rose-ness of the whole thing.
Try it.
You'll like it.


And speaking of soap -
Pacifica, which is ALL KINDS OF ENVIRONMENTALLY CORRECT, now makes this wonderful soap. The sandalwood scent is nearly too much for me and I find that I have to sneak a sniff of K's wrist whenever I can.

But before I wash with the Pacifica Sandalwood soap, I need to lather up with this:

sleek and shine

and YES, I do wash my hair first so that the soap leaves a scent on me rather than the shampoo. Who wants to smell like shampoo?
This shampoo is for 'sleek, shiny' hair and I like the way it plasters my agonizingly thin locks to my small, pea-like head.

steve jobs

Steve Jobs.
Does he always wear a black turtleneck?
Because I wear a lot of black turtlenecks.
And Steve and I have a lot in common.

Set Editions has a wonderful, um, set of letterpress cards with sailing knots on them.
I like them.

I am liking decaf Masala Chai -

decaf masala chai

with some of this.

german rock sugar

German rock cane sugar.

dnb and cc

And I like to have some of this with my tea.
Date nut bread with cream cheese.
Which I prefer open faced.
Have you had this?
Because I really really like this.

And this too -


I like this.


Anonymous said…
Gosh, that bread and cheese is making me hungry......mmmmmmmm fooooood!
I like what you like
except I don't know Dwell_
but chai tea is my favorite,
black turtlenecks,
I cannot buy Tide in France,
open face sandwiches with
cream cheese!
rock cane sugar
Granier Shampoo, now that is French!
I don't know xanxa, are you anixious?
Anonymous said…
In high school, my friend and I used to have a cream-cheese-and-datenut sandwich at a certain coffeeshop in northern New Jersey. And were they good. . .
Anonymous said…
We have the wood venetian blinds in two bedrooms and I LOVE them.
The way the light comes in during the afternoon and they make the room look very finished.
Do it..
Since the plague has passed through this house I have eaten nothing but toast since Saturday night, last night I graduated to toast with cheese when I made Welsh Rabbit. You however have quite tempted me with the idea of that date bread....yum! Damn, do I have to go and bake now?
celestial opus said…
A big YES to the blinds. My apartment has them in the living room, and not only does it look great and very formal/finished from the outside but depending on the room you may not have to do any other window treatment. Polished looking at the same time comfortable. If/when I ever move I'm definately going to invest in my own set for future apartments.
Anonymous said…
You have to try the method fabric softeners. I like the one with the citrus, lavendar and sage. mmmmm...
Unknown said…
Another vote for the method products. Their lavender scent is just amazing and the ONLY scented detergent I'm not allergic to. We use their dishwashing liquid in grapefruit, which makes the whole kitchen smell so fresh! The stuff is amazing.

Totally agree with you on the Xanax, the drug of choice. Isn't life just so much easier with the xanax?

Also LOVE love love datenut bread with cream cheese. Remember chock full of nuts coffee shops in NYC where that was a staple? Yum.

We also use the Fructis shampoo. I like it because it keeps my very weird hair under control.

But I do not like Chai tea at all. Coffee... I like coffee.
Anonymous said…
Oooo, I lust over almost every architectural/home decorating magazine I see... except the chintzy country-style ones. Dwell is fantastic - all of those clean, uncluttered surface fill me with envy. I would love to live in a house where everything is there because of its aesthetic appeal. Dream on!
Anonymous said…
I love Dwell. I love it so much I subscribed to it instead of trying to memorize the copy in my dermatologist's office.
RW said…
I REALLY like the hat!
Anonymous said…
I like most of those things too. Not the chai, though. (shiver!)

I have never had a detergent recommended to me, but I'll go smell it next time I got to Targ├ęt.
Anonymous said…
HI! I love to read lists of products that people like. Aren't you always hooked on the part of the fashion magazines where they tell you what celebrities use for this and that? My grown children, the 20 something age, recently told me that xanax is good for a hangover.