tea with badger

People I'd like to have over for tea, if by tea you mean pinot, unless any of them don't drink in which case I mean TEA.

I lifted this from Badger, whose list is intriguing.
Here's mine:

Steve Jobs
Jon Stewart
George Clooney
David Letterman
I.M. Pei
Ellen DeGeneres
Judi Dench
Penelope Cruz
Maira Kalman


Badger said…
I keep thinking of more people to add to my list. I may have to make this a periodic posting.

Dame Judi is definitely on my girl version of this list. Which I haven't posted yet. Because so far she and my PLL Frances McDormand are the only people on it.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
So you went for the co-ed version--Judi Dench ROCKS! I've heard David Letterman is horrible in person, but I'd love to meet Ellen and Maira Kalman.

Poppy Buxom said…
My, my, aren't we intellectual.

But Penelope Cruz? You can't kid me. You just want to hear her dish about Tom.

And when that happens, don't neglect to fill in your readers.
Anonymous said…
What a fun list!
Tea or Pinot...

They would come to drink your humor!

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