stuff we are into right now

Hang on, because this list is long and varied -
it's a lot to absorb.

We, and I do mean ALL of us, are into this commercial, but we're still making our minds up about it.
Too high concept for candy?

In honor of the keynote last week, we checked our favorite Will It Blend site.
And we were not disappointed.

Okay - so that covers You Tube. And my new skill of embedding video.

On the television front, we've been enjoying the American Masters series on PBS.
The episode on Annie Leibovitz was wonderful and last night I saw part of the one on Alice Waters...I'm impressed that they profiled Alice Waters and I had no idea that she was involved in such great civic work or that she is so beautiful...


She wears good hats too. You've got to be into women who wear good hats.

I don't want you to think we're all hoity.
We love The Knights Of Prosperity...

k of p

especially Rockefeller Butts, because he's into cookies.

the three amigos!

What can I say?
We're into them.


We're into brain MRI's this week.
On Thursday, so I might take the day off.
It's routine, and you can read about it here.
Lucky for us Youngest doesn't have a grill.
Not that we aren't into grills. WE ARE TOTALLY INTO GRILLS.

This is Youngest's new friend OX.


Not ox - oh ex. Oh kay?

We are totally into these -


one of us will be walking into the kitchen and someone else will say:
hey, get me a coupla pretzel cigars, would ya?
And, you know, we eat them all different kinds of ways...the chew-right-down-to-the-end way, the suck-the-salt-off-first way, the pretend-they-are-cigars-and-let-them-melt way.


I found this sterling review whilst perusing photos of the pretzels - and I'd agree: they do smell like pretzels.
But, you know what happens when you eat a lot of pretzels?
You need this -


to soothe the inflamed and slightly swollen roof of your mouth.
This is no laughing matter -



it's ZARF, the trans-gendered character on All My Children. Sure, he/she is kind of a drama queen, but WHO ISN'T?



Anonymous said…
Thank you bb, for showing me stuff, good stuff, fun stuff, serious stuff, hilarious stuff and YES, we can ALL be MAJOR drama queens.
Anonymous said…
Drama Queen, moi?

Yes, YES, yEs!!

Loved all the stuff. I'm saving the You-tubes for later though--have the red carpet on (watching Today!!)
Anonymous said…
I would love to have a skittle leak! I love them.

I admit I was quite amazed at the will it blend.

Love the Three Amigos :)

Will keep Youngest in my thoughts and thank you for the past posts. I had not read them before.
BabelBabe said…
ZARF? (Can I make bigger capital letters?) ZARF!!???? REALLY?

Is it from the planet Uloxarqa? (Yes, I made that up, by randomly typing letters without looking.)

I HATE the Ipod thingey, I'm sorry, but the skittles leak is great. although - what's the little guy meant to be doing?? I'm so confused.
Poppy Buxom said…
Re: Three Amigos: Just so you know--my husband and I have been calling our son "the Singing Bush" since he started talking. And talking. AND TALKING.

(Also singing.)
islaygirl said…
i love the toenail bit in the MRI post from last year. i, too, have questionable parenting skills because of my child's toenails.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed reading some of your earlier posts. I started with the MRI ones and then read some others. Thanks
Anonymous said…
oh MY gawsh @ the blend it guy. sorry, i can't get past all that wasted money! ;) and that he must go thru a heck of a lot of blenders!
skittles, rofl! they are banned in my house...
and one post down, green doritos, just in time for st pat's day?
still love your bloggin stuff! :)
Anonymous said…
My children had to 'splain the Skittles commercial to me. Oldest finally said "Oh I KNOW! I'll go get the magnifying glass!" and trotted downstairs.
AHA! The little fellow is catching and eating the leaking Skittles. Youngest is worried about how the fellow is going to go potty hanging up there...

Gosh, that fellow playing the heshe is going to be typecast something fierce. Stuff like that is hard to shake in an acting career.
Joke said…
I must vouch for the Alice Waters cookbooks even if she is, of course, mental.

(To be fair Jeremiah Towers is a first class passenger on the Disoriented Express himself.)

Anonymous said…
May he not forget to wear socks to his MRI (because I did that once and my feet were really very cold ~ and it's so hard to lie still when your toes are freezing).
Anonymous said…
I love the skittles leak! not too high concept! never too high!
Unknown said…
We love the skittles commercial, too.

Saw the AM on Annie Lebowitz and thought it was fantastic. Haven't seen the Alice Waters one yet, but I've eaten in her restaurant in Berkeley.

We are also loving Knights of Prosperity, especially the background judaica. Hilarously NYC!

Done the MRI think a couple of times with my DD and it sucks. I have too much metal in my to even go near the machine, so she has to handle it alone, which is even suckier.

Utz pretzel rods. Dip the ends in chocolate. To DIE for. I love UTZ better than any other brand. Have you tried their Crab chips? Covered with old bay seasoning. VERY hot and spicy but oh man, so freaking good.

Zarf. What can I say. I never watched AMC until Zarf and now I'm getting hooked. Babe: "Tell them!" Just too campy cool for words.
Anonymous said…
wow, i had no idea about the transgender character on AMC. that's gotta be the hippest i've ever seen a soap be.

good luck w/the MRI, that's kinda scary for your son i bet!

skittles commercial is too freaky, lol! i like freaky though, hehe!

seen the blender thing before. reminds me of the david letterman shows where they would smash various things using different tools or equipment like a steamroller vs. a pumpkin, etc. tff!
Anonymous said…
Of course, you know by posting UTZ that we can surmise your geographic location is East of the Mississippi since you can't get UTZ everywhere...

Loved the Will it Blend, not so much the Skittles Leak--gross!!

Thanks for sharing, though. Always opening my horizons, thanks to you, bb!!
blackbird said…
Who said we were eating Utz pretzels?

photographs are used for reference only.

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