looking forward

It's a bit of a struggle.
We're trying to find the balance.
Today the kids go back to school and I am lunching with my best pal.
But K doesn't go back till tomorrow and I know that this freelance business is weighing heavily on his mind.
Not mine, though.
I will wait and watch as he forgets about yesterday and doesn't worry about tomorrow and goes happily off to work - doing what he loves best - making things happen.
The Christmas break was a good time to digest what occurred, but now he needs to feel the change instead of just think about it. Do you know what I mean?

The tree is down.
I have to undress the mantle and put away the tins of treats.

I've become very accomplished at Wii tennis, and can even play with a glass of pinot in my hand (though the lobs are a bit harder).

I've told the Russian that Youngest will not have private lessons until after his braces come off, I've made dental check-up appointments for the kids and the yearly gyn check for me, but I just feel like it is all stretching in front of us -

...and I've just looked up and realized that I haven't taken the red Christmas lights off the stove hood.


--erica said…
Leave the red up, just for a bit :)
BabelBabe said…
ohmigod, i soooooo want to take the tree down but the kids want me to leave it up till orthodox chistmas, which we celebrate.
Anonymous said…
Back to work already?
We still have until Sunday, we do celebrate "la Befana" here on the 6th (Epiphany) for children with (yes!!!) more gifts for them, but mainly the tradition is that good kids get sweets whilst bad ones get onions and coal. Of course nowadays they make sugar coal but I remember there were always onions and carrots in my stocking (we use the stocking for that purpose here). Ooops.
Coincidentally I got married on the 6th of January, because it was my grandpa's birthday and I am still very fond of them,, in spite they left us many years ago.
I should stop, this is too long!
Oh, I have no clue as to what Violet crumble is and am not ashamed to admit it. I'm dead!
In bocca al lupo to K (break a leg) for tomorrow!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh I forgot...
I have my red lights over my bed...mmmmm, yes I do. SO if you leave yours on the stove I'l lleave mine over the bed!
Heather said…
I forgot how much I love your blog.
Badger said…
I do. I know what you mean.

DH went back yesterday; the kids go back tomorrow, which is when taekwondo starts up again. We have the kid shrink (for the girl) on Tuesday and the dentist (for both kids) later this month.

Our December calendar basically had a big line through it with the word "trip" scrawled across, and that's it. But our January calendar? Is getting INKY.
Anonymous said…
i think it's going to be a great year. for all of us.
Anonymous said…
This year better be better...

My tree is still up. I don't want to take it down--it's so pretty...and then the table, where it is, will become covered with detritus once more...
Joke said…
Tell people that red Christmas lights on hoods are a Tuvaluan tradition, and must stay up until the third Sunday in Epiphany.

Anonymous said…
K will get that freelance thing nailed. Then you can take work with you (remember the month-long trip to somewhere?) and live and work somewhere else. It's the only way to go!
Anonymous said…
As Badger said, I do, I know what you mean.

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