it's such a big post you may have to read it tomorrow too

Oh I have so much to show you.
K and I have been quietly computing in the mornings, at either end of the table, and I've just been seeing so many many things.

computer sex 2

(here they are, post quiet computing - we hope they make wee iPods)

dining room

We went to a terrific paella party last weekend.
At my pal M's house.
Good food, lovely people, a small celebration.

short friends

We wondered, early in the evening, if K minds hanging around a bunch of people who are a foot shorter than he.


One of M's kids made this giraffe years ago. I've always loved it.

My obsession with Japanese goods knows no bounds.
If something is labeled Zakka, I adore it.
It could be a toilet brush - if it's pictured in a Japanese magazine it will make me want to paint everything white and beige and throw down some straw mats and wear linen all the time.

zakka towel

Brown towels.
Now, in my house, these are just brown towels. They don't even go with the new bathroom. And while they certainly wouldn't show much wear and tear, which is handy, they are JUST BROWN TOWELS.
Put them in a room with a Japanese tub and a bamboo mat and a bare light bulb and I'm in love.

zakka shoes

Unremarkable slides.
Zakka slides, with subtle stitching which intrigues me.
And the leather appears to be soft Zealand butter!

zakka lap

This little lap robe would be laughed right out of my house.
It even looks like it smells like moth balls.
But I want it.

zakka bakset

AH! Look!
A basket!
A wonky stool in front of filthy venetian blinds!
The blinds aren't dirty - I'll bet they are made of handmade paper, in a dark little shed in Hokkaido.

zakka bag

I actually have this bag.
Without the leather round the top.
And when mine started falling apart, I bound the top with blanket stitch and Denyse Schmidt fabric.

And this is where the whole thing breaks down.


These coffee pots aren't even Japanese.
And we've owned one.
And they are great.
I will say this -
when our present coffee machine craps out, as it has done in the past and will do again, I believe I might go this way again.

Youngest loves all things Japanese too -
we had some dinner out the other night and he GOBBLED up a bowl of eel.

Youngest's eel

I just think it's so cool that he eats eel, I had to show you.

All this browsing and desiring isn't good for someone who is trying to PARE DOWN.
Which I am still doing.
I just cleaned out the linen closet and sent a bag away.
Plus, there is the daily three things challenge...

thrown out

as seen in this blurry photo. Click for descriptions if you are so inclined.

We're almost done.

Two bad fashion choices:

bad dress

This dress is the kind of garment that I tell myself I would do so much with.
Over a shirt, under a sweater, with pants!
But, in truth, this dress is crap.
It will pucker and not wrap right and I would look like a pig. A PIG I TELL YOU.

And while I think this skirt looks adorable -

bad m. skirt

it would serve me well to remember that I would have to weigh 80 pounds and stand that way to look good in it.

Best to stick with this -

ON top

from Old Navy. It would be cute for spring.
Well, my kind of cute anyway - which is cute that is never pink or floral-y or has any kind of twee print.
And no puffy sleeves.
That kind of cute.

Old Navy is doing this again too -

same bag as last year

my bag from last year. Was it last year?
Whatev, it's the bag that you'd think would be cheaper to make, but it isn't cheaper to make -
and I sent them hither and yon to bloggers I luf.
Now you can go buy one too.


My intrigue with Joanna Newsom continues as well.
She may be growing on me.
Like fungus.

FINALLY, j'adore these business cards and may have to purchase a pack for Middle who looks at me pleadingly ALL THE TIME, whilst I GO ON AND ON AND ON....

stop talking


Anonymous said…
Those cards are brilliant.

When I'm trying to get through to my kids I usually recognize the correct moment to shut up, but typically blather on for a few more gratuitous paragraphs.

Just can't stop myself.
celestial opus said…
I must have those cards too - my coworkers would love them. I am a short story long kind of talker.
Joanna said…
You have me looking at all my tan/brown things in a new way. Who knew I had so much Zakka stuff in my home already? I linked to you in my post today, hope you don't keep me laughing!
Anonymous said…
Your "daily three things challenge" inspired me to throw out a collection of old, ratty throw rugs that I had stashed in the laundry room more than a year ago.
Anonymous said…
do iPods get much more wee then the shuffle? it's the size of a postage stamp!

and the Nano isn't too big either.

Anonymous said…
1. Mmmm eel - another food where you can feel the good it is doing your body as every delicious mouthful goes down. We have a Japanese restaurant in Neutral Bay called Kyushu (we used to live diagonally across the road and could see how busy it was and whether we could sit at the bench which you couldn't book for. Sigh.) that did

2. That bag. I covet that bag. I looked all last year for a bag like that but they were always too bulbous with too smaller opening at the top, or the strap was too short, or too thin, or the fabric wasn't quite right. There's a woman in Sydney who has vintage fabrics and you can make your own - I'll find the link for you and send it through as I know you'll like playing!

3. I love those shoes. That they are bordering on clogs makes them even more worthy.

4. The throwing out pile? looks like you could come over all Macgyver and make your own bomb w/ some old glue, nylon beads, soap dish and candle wax.

5. K and Chef can commiserate about being in a different stratosphere to the rest of us. I love the idea of a paella night too. Sounds like great fun.

6. The stop talking cards? There need to be those for quit commenting while you're ahead.

Badger said…
That dress would hit me right at the fat part of my Popeye calves. And that skirt would make my waist look twice as big as it is already.

Am liking the straw bag w/leather trim, though.

And the eel.

And the paella.
Anonymous said…
Is it just me, or do the dress models' feet all look really odd?
Anonymous said…
(found via stardustshoes)
love the cards! i would use them everywhere i went - tossing them to strangers willy-nilly.
(and occasionally my 6yo ;)
kt said…
I agree with jessmonster--those are some peculiar-looking appendages--mayhap they were only just unbound before the photo shoot?

That B&W skirt is just WRONG. Can't put my finger on whether it looks like a dust ruffle for the bed or a trying-to-be-chic mop cover, but it's just WRONG, I tell you. And the model's face looks like she knows it, too. Maybe the elastic aistband is pinching her wraith-like body in a particularly uncomfortable way...

And though I am not one of the clan of fish-eaters, it always delights me when we go for Japanese and our young girl-chick joins her daddy in devouring smelt eggs.
Anonymous said…
I like Joanna Newsome too, when in the right mood. We saw her a couple of years ago at a benefit concert with Neil Young and a bunch of people I'd never heard of. When she came on with her harp, in cowboy boots and a demure flouncy prairie skirt--looking so tiny on the stage, I didn't know what to make of her. Wow, she played that harp like an electric guitar and whacked it percussively and stroked it like a lover--it was incredible. The people sitting behind us totally hated her and made rude comments the whole time, but we were intrigued and thought she sounded like a cross between Bjork and Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann. I bought her CD and played it in my car for weeks.
Anonymous said…
Seeing K in that shot made me think exactly what you posted...before I read it...and I still find it hard to envision you side by side...but I am counting down!
If you like eel there is a whole region up northern Italy where that is THE dish and they make it in a million ways.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm eel, indeed. Also, hooray to Old Navy, who sold me a pair of pants in a not-ultra-low-rise, not-super-slim-fit cut, a cut approved for actual humans with rounded bits, for only fifteen dollars on clearance. HOO-effing-RAY!
Suse said…
I like the bag in that colourway too! But I won't be greedy.

Are K and the three dwarves worshipping at the altar of the Open Fridge?
BabelBabe said…
honey, that's LUIGI from the Cars movie. Pls tellme you did not throw it away.

Love that dress but it would look horrible on me.

I am so bying another one of those Old Navy bags.
Anonymous said…
I will have to read this again tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
I take my slouchy hobo bag on all shopping expeditions. It leaves both my hands free so I can more easily push aside those foolish enough to get in my way, but the very best thing is that it's like wearing a hug from the wonderous Blackbird.
Joke said…
If Poppy's daughter ever sees those cards...


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