hot chocolate

Decide to have a cup.
Old big brown mug? Or crisp white?
Which chocolate? Yes, the Cadbury drinking chocolate.
Pan, cold.
Milk from fridge.
Milk is leaking...damn...clean fridge shelf. Clean countertop.
Find jug.
Wash jug.
Pour milk in jug.
How will they know it's in there? They are accustomed to the carton...
can imagine Mom! NO MILK!
Find china marker.
Write on jug.
Measure milk.
Measure chocolate.
Add more due to Cadbury's flagrant disregard for the needs of women when writing instructions for making chocolate drink.
Add more again. Certainly their teaspoons must be of a different size than mine.
Scald milk.
Pan will now need scrubbing as I have forgotten to swish water round it to keep milk from scalding. Asshole.
First mug off the shelf cracked and dirty, though it is just out of the dishwasher.
Second mug only just cracked.
Pour milk all over counter. Some lands in cup.
Counter needs scrubbing now too.
Sit down to enjoy solitude and chocolate.
Phone rings.
Middle needs to be picked up.



Badger said…
Sigh. Yep.
BabelBabe said…
and in my world, that milk jug would be knocked over by clueless husband trying to find something to eat for lunch...
Anonymous said…
It's a misprint, clearly. It should read tablespoon, not teaspoon.
Anonymous said…
did they find the milk? ime, no one reads the containers, or maybe that's just a male thing.
thanks for smile, and making me realise that this stuff happens to everyone else too.
sorry about the hot choc :(
Anonymous said…
What is in the jar to the left of the milk?
It is driving me mad.
Chicken pot pie?
Cookie dough?
Anonymous said…
ditto Melissa.
We must know!
blackbird said…
Anonymous said…
What about the bow ties?

Anonymous said… are not reading carefully! She mentioned K cooked cassoulet 2 posts if you READ carefully you would have guessed right away.
Right bb?
And, sorry for the chocolate.
savvycityfarmer said…
I think I need to hit the grocery store
Anonymous said…
It take bionic vision to see the invisible "dammit" written under "Milk".
Anonymous said…
This is why I use those chocolate packets. Not as tasty, but powder is easier to clean up.
Anonymous said…

errr....except for the jug of milk.
And the cassoulet.

Is it a bottom-freezer?

And {hee!) had to laugh at your comment on the Sartorialist!

Anonymous said…
I see your mega jug of maple syrup back there. I bought one just like it. Now if only someone would make me waffles...
Anonymous said…
Just have a shot of whiskey and get it over with.