do you know what it's like?

Sure, sure, we get it -
happy problems.
But do you even know what it's like to shop for pillows?

(cue flashback music and soft focus)
At the allergist's a couple of weeks ago, whilst describing my symptoms, I realized that I sneeze the moment my head hits the pillow at night.
It turns out I am highly allergic to dust mites -
and none of us wants to contemplate what's going on in our pillows each night, so, let's just say, after examining the stains which formed continents on our pillows, K and I agreed that new ones might be in order.

Several days later, we found ourselves at Target, where the choices are far reaching and complicated.
I'm pretty sure that I consider myself a 'stomach sleeper.'
K declared that he is a 'side-sleeper.'
And so we proceeded to peruse the recommendations.
But, the thing is, are we, in fact, the sleepers we THINK we are?
Who's to say?
Nevertheless, we moved forward.
Light support?

At one point, Middle and I were reclining on the floor, with pillows under our heads.
Meanwhile, Youngest sauntered up with the remaining $14 from a gift card he had received, pronounced the Plush Pillow as being Perfect and Purchased one.

It overwhelmed me - but these days that's not saying much.
I picked a plush pillow too, because I like knowing that I can slip my hand under the pillow case and feel its veloury goodness.

We did contemplate the $50 down pillows - but, I felt, that if we were going to enter that arena we'd have to consult the Garnet Hill catalogue.
And we all know what kind of burden that becomes.

Pleased with our choices we traipsed home in our LOANER CAR.
Yes my people, the fall monsoons filled yet another part of my top-of-the-line Volvo with water.
This time they told me that the sunroof drains had clogged, filling my chassis with rain that would otherwise have drained.
Do I believe them?
Does it matter?
I've got about a year left on my lease - what shall I do next?
The XC70 I've driven several times is very very nice.
My relationship with my Volvo dealership is exemplary.
(Which is not a good thing.)
I love European cars but probably won't spring for something more expensive.
I would downgrade to a wagon, but which one?
There we go again...
happy problems.
Fortunately, for today - it's just pillows.


Anonymous said…
Oh pillow shopping--that's next on my list--I've been waking up stuffy nose and I know it's partially due to the pillows. Thanks for the reminder and yes, I'm glad to know what my choices are.

Happy New Year! And show and tell is left over Christmas pix.

Anonymous said…
I never even thought about that connection! My husband has asthma and terrible allergies - maybe a new pillow would give him some moments of peace...thanks.

Happy New Year, by the way - looks like you had a lovely week.
Anonymous said…
I hate shopping for shoes... and pillows
Anonymous said…
Pillows! S**T! One more thing I forgot I need to do.
Marcia said…
I spent like, 3 hours this weekend at an Anthropology (and yes, made several purchases), and even though I haven't been by your blog for a while, I thought of you! Happy New Year!
BabelBabe said…
the only thing worse than pillow shopping is mattress shopping.
Badger said…
We went pillow shopping a couple of months ago. Except I made my choice quickly while DH was the one who was overwhelmed and had to lie on the floor to test stuff. I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE.

Can't help with the Volvo issues, though.
Anonymous said…
Last week, we were at a fancy hotel. My dh joined us on our second day there. Before his arrival, I called housekeeping to request more pillows. They asked if we wanted down or foam. I ordered foam.

After dh arrived, he flopped down on the bed the children were sharing and immediately got an asthma attack. The pillows on that bed were the down pillows. He's probably allergic to down.

Where am I going with all of this? With allergies, you might want to eliminate the down pillows from your list of choices or make sure nobody in your house is allergic to down.

Good luck with your happy problems.
Anonymous said…
Q7, go for the Q7.
God, I am madly in love with it but live in Lilliputh land here.
If I had your roads, your parkings and your spaces I'd DEFINITELY go for it.
Trust me. it's GREAT.
Eliane said…
Happy new year, you and your happy problems! We definitely also need new pillows. Those things get almost as dirty as keyboards. Or car interiors. But fortunately we don't own a car. Long live the bicycle.
Anonymous said…
Oh sympathies with the pillows the thinking has changed back to feather for least allergenic apparantly and if you put them in the freezer it will kill the mites. Useless information I know but all worth a try. A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
Anonymous said…
Can I suggest a tempur-pedic pillow? The price is... well, just don't look. I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and sleep on all sides (depending on what hurts the least) and I have slept better than ever before with my new pillow.

Would you consider a VW? Probably not, since I drive one and you are WAY more cool than me. But, I have a bug and it gets incredible gas mileage, you can park it ANYWHERE, and they have great leasing options.

Oh, and I swear I don't work for VW or tempur-pedic.
Anonymous said…
i'm sure your allergist probably recommended this , but...after you buy those new pillows it is tremendously helpful to purchase dust mite pillow encasings for all your pillows and even your mattress. they are made of densely woven fabric w/a special finish so the DM cannot take up residence in your pillows. you put them under your regular sheets and pillow cases and wash them whenever you launder your bedding. our doctor
recommended them for my kids who have dust mite allergies , etc and allergy induced asthma and they have helped keep them from waking up all congested(the allergy shots for 6 yrs have helped, too!)

happy new year! mom2
Anonymous said…
Buying a $50 pillow at Target is like buying a $50,000 car from Hyundai.

You may love it.

It may have been your favorite for years.

But there's no need to get carried away.

PS: Call Westin and ask them where they get their pillows. They're the best, you know. And if you spend 1/4-1/3 of your life in bed, it's alright to spend big bucks making it the best you can.
Anonymous said…
The son was just diagnosed with ragweed and "severe" dust allergy. Doc suggested all new pillows and mattress, take down blinds, etc.

He didn't mention anything about the loads of dirty laundry, piles of cables & wires, wrapping paper and discarded gift boxes, scattered smelly sneakers, and spilling open suitcases.

So we'll just leave 'em.....
Joke said…
I live for down pillows, my own bad self.

The Vee Dub option's not a bad one, or maybe one of its upmarket Audi cousins.

Anonymous said…
Get Pillow Covers. Just got some at Target; the pima cotton ones, though other upmarket ones are for sale.
Anonymous said…
didn't mean to juxtapose "upmarket" pillow covers with cars!
Kiki said…
The Volvo V70 2.5T wagon. Fast, fun, nary a problem.
blackbird said…
I think we are done with Volvos.
Anonymous said…
Got pillows at K-Mart. Did the lie on the floor thing. Will have to get the allergenic covers though...
Anonymous said…
Have your K check out VW Phaeton with you. It's an Audi A8 w/o the price tag. VW quit making them for the US market, so you can get them for a song, used. VW Still makes them for Euro market, so parts will be available. It's a big sedan, drives like a dream. Says it needs premium fuel, but mid grade is fine.
This is a true Luxury Car.
Always eager to spend other's income, apparently...
Anonymous said…
i think i'm going to squee that dan renzi left you a comment!!
blackbird said…
ann(fchen) -
you should see him IN PERSON.

HA -
that Ms. thinks we should check the Phaeton...
the $70,000 USED Phaeton.

Anonymous said…
I can't say enough good things about my Accord. I bought the 2006 EX V6 with the Nav System last year and I still squeal with delight every time I get in it. I wanted the Acura TL, but then I realized the Accord was pretty much the exact same car for a whole lot less. If you need a bigger/wagon/SUV, check out the Pilot or maybe the Acura MDX, they are both pretty great as well.
--erica said…
I hate pillow shopping more than anything..hate hate hate hate hate.

then you have to say that icky dust mite word.
thanks bb....

oh. great.
Anonymous said…
i need pillows desperately since i've had mine FOREVER & have looked but get so overwhelmed i just give up! arrgh! i also deal w/sinus/allergy crap constantly so i'm sure my old pillows contribute to the problem.

lol, squeeing over dan renzi commenting, too funny!
Anonymous said…
Pillows: have you tried the Company Store? ( I've bought *wonderful* down comforters from them. And, I think, pillows, too.

Cars: Toyota Prius!!! You have to love 50 MPG! OK, it gets a little less in the winter, because you're running the heat all the time, and it takes energy to warm up the oil. But I love it. You have to drive one. There are so many things to love about this car. Like, you never have to take your keys out of your pocket or purse. Not to open the door, not to drive.

And, like Melisa, I don't work for or own stock in these companies.

Happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Learning that I had severe dust mite allergy (found out last year) has changed my life. I still use my down pillows, and super high thread count linens help. I can't stand the feel and sound of the true allergy barrier plastic/vinyl covers that are recommended, but the one thing that does the most good for me is the antihistamine before bed. I was taking Zyrtec, but it's expensive, so switched to generic 24 hour Claritin/Loratadine. The respiratory issues have diminished greatly, but they come right back if I forget to take the antihistamine. So. I live on antihistamines. It might be something to consider.

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