wee snow man

K's family has been well fed (beef filet sandwiches, toffee pudding)

finger food

presents were exchanged, the new baby passed around,

m and j

and off to church we went.


And as much as I hate that my children are getting older (I want them to be between 5 and 15, I think), I do like that we were able to send them off to their rooms, put out their presents and then we went to bed. I always hated having to stay awake to be Santa.

This morning we had a television yule log -

tv yule log

(which K made for us) as it was too warm for a real fire, and my family came for breakfast. We had pancakes, sausage, bacon and ham. Because we like pork.
More presents were exchanged, much champagne was drunk, many laughs were had.

And now, after cleaning the kitchen for the 57th time, I am sitting with my feet up.

It was all a great success -
Middle loves his drums,
Oldest seems happy with his motocross gear and guitar pedal,
and Youngest was most surprised with his Wii (the procurement of which was a wee christmas miracle in itself).
K gave me two beautiful dresses and the antique engraving from which I made my profile picture.
I gave him a dart board and a mini fridge (which the boys and I had to push from room to room for the past week so he wouldn't see it).

Unfortunately, I think I'm a little hungry.


Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, Blackbird! The holiday at your house seems like it was lovely. All best to you and your family.
Anonymous said…
We have had our fill of pork as well.

Your celebration sounds lovely.

At our house, for this minute, all is right with the world.
Anonymous said…
Happy Christmas, it looks and sounds like a lovely day.
Badger said…
Mmmmm, pork. You can't have too much pork. Like, EVER.

I am SO READY for the Santa thing to be over. I had thought that last year would be, you know, the last year, but apparently not. Oy.
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas. Everything looks wonderful. Is that the PIX yule (or was it OR)?
Anonymous said…
I'm kind of hungry too...
Anonymous said…
Here it's all zeppole, roccocò, susamielli, struffoli, Panettone, Pandoro, fichi secchi, castange arrosto, noccioline, datteri,...and list could go on and on and on, and I am only mentioning desserts and fruits.
BUT, boy would I LOVE to axchange all of that for some of your pork!
That is if I ever get rid of my virus, of course.
Gifts sounded lovely for everyone, it all sounded so nice.
Again, my BEST wishes to you and your gorgeous family of men.
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Blackbird and family.

LBA said…
If you hostess like me, then I can understand your hunger. I run around and fix this, serve that, and then they leave and I eat like a madman possessed .. food dribbling down my face, eyes glazed over - not a good look, but I just don't seem to be hungry when there's stuff to be done.

Somehow, I always manage to drink throughout though ... ;)

Merry Christmas !