four things I wish for with the fiery passion of a thousand suns

  1. Christmas vacation to begin now.
  2. The cookies to bake themselves.
  3. The will to take out my sewing machine.
  4. A decaf grande gingerbread latte, no whip.


Jess said…
The will to take out your sewing machine?

Does it need to sleep with the fishes?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Elizabeth said…
5. That the Christmas concert would be called the CHRISTMAS concert, because that's what it is! No other ethnic sector has to accomodate everyone else's Imagined Delicate Sensibilities about their celebrations.

Are those gingerbread lattes any good?
--erica said…
yes please.
My treat.
BabelBabe said…
order the damn cookies from the bakery.
and i want a peppermint mocha.
if you get the cookies that bake by themselves let me know!!

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