If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same date.

In which I make a case for Ocean's Twelve being a really great movie.
(not Film, movie)

Look, I realize that Ocean's Twelve is not a landmark film.
I know it is purely eye candy.
And, really, I'm not one of those women who is all gaga (is that how you spell that?) over any of the actors in particular - though I do have a wee soft spot for George Clooney.
But I just think this movie, and I will NOT call it a film, no matter who directed it, is FUN.
And good to look at.

Here are my arguments:

1. It's a 'caper' movie. How fun is that?

2. There is no killing. Amazing but true! No. Killing.

3. I JUST LOVE when Brad Pitt says : Look, it's not in my nature to be mysterious. But I can't talk about it and I can't talk about why.

4. Much of the humor is just thrown away - some of the funniest lines are said so offhandedly.
(offhandedly IS so a word)

5. George Clooney IS gorgeous and he is NOT 25. How refreshing is that?

6. What-the-hell else is Elliot Gould IN nowadays? NOTHING.

7. The whole lost-in-translation/Led Zeppelin thing is priceless.

8. That scene where Danny and Rusty are watching Happy Days? In Italian? Gold.

9. The big twist at the end is awfully good - not The Usual Suspects-good but good.

10. Bruce Willis is a cad.


~moe~ said…
I back you up on all of those. O12 was such a great movie. I like the point where they are arguing about what they were going to be called and how they had agreed they would call it the Benedict job. ah...
And George Clooney... *sigh* I'm totally gaga over him too (yes, that's how you spell it). :)
Thank you. Now I can watch it again tonight knowing I'm not the only one who likes the movie.
Paula said…
Yeah. Typo yesterday, typo today. What can I say?

George Clooney? Amen sister.
Anonymous said…
this movie's been hanging around the middle of my netflix queue for the past year or so...I'll have to give it a shot.

and george clooney? swoonworthy.
Anonymous said…
We actually HAVE this DVD and have never watched it. (It was something like $2.00 at Blockbuster...cheaper than renting it.)
Guess I've have to pop it in now!
BabelBabe said…
ok, must go rent this.

ad I would watch George Clooney read the phone book.

I always have liked older men, anyway.
celestial opus said…
Protect your fake baby, protect your fake baby!

I really enjoy this movie so much that I tend to watch it at least once a month or so. Sigh. I may watch it tonight...
Anonymous said…
Oh, excellent. I love movie recommendations. I'll put it on my list for this weekend. And yeah, when was the last time anyone saw Elliot Gould?

I saw a sweet little movie this past weekend called Mind the Gap. Slow start, but great wrap-up. Uplifting.
Jonathon Morgan said…
I dunno...the original Ocean's 11 wasn't that great (like, the original, with the Rat Pack) -- I'm not entirely sure why they made a new one. And then a sequel to the new one.

That being said, I haven't actually seen it.

Maybe now I'll check it out.
girlsatplay said…
I love Oceans' 11 when Brad Pitt had the funny line when picking up George Clooney from prison. . ."Ted Nugent called, he wants his shirt back"? I laugh every time!
Bec said…
Is number 10 a trick to see if we're reading to the bottom? Or were you juxtaposing the mindless violence of Bruce Willis in movies-other-than-Ocean's-Twelve with the cleverness of OT?

(see how I slipped juxtaposing in there? I get all sesquipedalian when I've not had enough sleep)
Bec said…
I am an idiot.

I thought you were talking about the first one. No Bruce Willis: see?

Second one: love the Bruce Willis/Julia Roberts story line.

I need more sleep (and shorter words, I actually made much more sense here...)
Anonymous said…
I actually prefer the first one.

I love that rusty ( brad ) is eating in EVERY scene. I would love to hear discussiion from the filmmakers on why? and I love that when he picks GC up in prison at the end, he is finishing nacho's, and has a little indegestion.

love. it.

Anonymous said…
Matt Damon would love me if he knew me. I just know he would.
Jaye Joseph said…
George Clooney loves me. I am the woman that haunts his dreams. The one he knows is out there, but he just can't quite reach her...

I love both of these movies. They are fun, they are eye candy, the music is fun, the dialogue is sharp and clever. Just all around great, fun movies.
Smartypaintpro said…
Me 31 YEARS old still looking for something amazing to discover :)

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