We were eating blueberry pancakes one morning and, suddenly, we realized that we were in need of some sporting equipment.
What to do?
It became clear that we needed to go shopping at Dicks.
We'd never been to Dicks.
It was a ton of fun.
Plus? I got to say Dicks. A lot.
What did we need you might wonder?
Sandals and sunglasses and masks and flippers.
And we did get some of those things - but we also had a really good time playing with all the stuff.
big bouncenslide
They have this giant inflatable slide toy!
It's like, two stories tall!
And inflates in three minutes!
In truth, some of us preferred the model version of it - and wondered how her Barbies would like it.
slide model toy

rope winder
was a heckofa thing. It's a rope winder for waterskiing.
Middle had a great time, um, winding it.

store skiing
And then we practiced our water skiing!
Middle ran quickly, holding one end of the rope and pretended he was a boat.
And I hung on as we swung and ran around the aisles.
But something was missing...

And though these were tough to get on over his boots, Middle managed to do it.

water skis
I don't know if I'm going to take him out on a lake, though -
he just couldn't get the hang of it.

Youngest did manage to talk us into this submersible skateboard.
I'm not sure how it works - but we bought it. And, knowing him, he will have hours of fun with it. He played with it for ages in the store.

Okay, and THIS? This kind of thing is totally beyond me.
Does it get dragged by a boat?
Do I WANT it to be dragged by a boat?
And what about THIS?

vortex hydroglide
This just does not look like fun to me AT ALL.
I'd have to be drunk before I'd do it. Or after I did it. Or the whole weekend.

giant inflatable island
Maybe this. Does this get dragged behind a boat?
It's only $169.97. I think that seems cheap for so much, er, inflatable island.

But you are asking yourself...WHAT ABOUT FLIPPERS? FLIPPERS AND SUNGLASSES? right?
I know you are.
Many kinds of flippers were tried on.
And a set was chosen.
Masks were fitted.
(If you breathe in, very hard, with your nose? you don't even HAVE to put the strap on.)
225% larger viewing area
Of course we purchased this set as they have a 225% larger viewing area.
How could you not want a 225% larger viewing area, I ask you?

Middle did some fishing while K perused, and then we went off to find the sandals.
Good news, I told the boys the other night, I bought four pairs of flip flops from Old Navy, so now we won't have that pesky sandal problem we had last year! But mom, they said softly - that was precisely the problem, we cannot wear flip flops, we cannot stand that thing between our toes.
I blinked and thought and dragged Middle to the shoe department -
He hated them all.
croc sandal things
Especially these.
And these.

Speedos were briefly considered. Get it?
And red woolen skull caps were searched for -
team zissou
but they are out of season and so we must abandon our plans to join team Zissou.

But then we saw the true pieces of resistance.
Six dollar chairs.

Six dollars!
cheap chair
How many shall we buy?
Four, we decide...
Middle points out why they are so cheap -
the down side

That's all right -
There are massagers at the register to help you get over it.


Amy A. said…
Didn't your Dick's have a giant rock repelling wall? If not, you missed the best part of going there! Although, the massagers did look very relaxing.
Paula said…
Our Dick's is very large. I just go in and get what I need and leave. It appears I have been missing something by not lingering at Dick's. I see what you mean! Dick's, Dick's, Dick's. Hey I have a brother-in-law named Dick...
Badger said…
Okay, well my Target has all that crappe, but obviously Target isn't as much fun to say.

My boy can't do the thing between the toes, either. And mask-wise, he has the added complication of an allergy to latex.

So we bought him the slip-on sandals at TARGET. And a latex-free mask at WALGREENS.

No Dicks were harmed.
victoria said…
who needs disneyland when you have dicks's?
BabelBabe said…
You are a loony. I say that most lovingly.

Dick's, Dick's, Dick's.

There's a construction company here called Dick.

Dick Construction.

Hee hee.
MsCellania said…
You make Dicks sound fun. I'm now suffering from Dicks Envy.

And if he tried on those very Keen's, he would love them. LOVE THEM, I tell you! My dh and bil both own a pair now, after teasing me for 2 years.

Glad you have fun.
--erica said…
i don't think we have this store on the west coast. We are obviously missing out. :)
jo said…
Okay, allow me with my white trash Maine connection to set you straight.

Indeed those toys were meant for someone to be hauled around behind a boat at, preferably, high speed and, I might add, around corners, in an effort to throw said rider, much like riding a bucking bronco in a cheap honkey tonk bar, off the horse.
We have one quietly hidden under the house which we drag out for those too fearful to hop on the water ski's. There a quite a few families who have something similar at the lake.
The large yellow object, however, is as it appears, an adult lounging object that allows one to imbibe in cocktails whilst floating on the water and, presumably, supervise others who might be bobbing about nearby in the water.
Me personally, I have an 'island' with attendant palm tree for just such excursions. My relatives are a bit too embarrassed to make an appearance when i break it out.
Thank goodness you're back! I've been mysteriously blocked from your site for days and days... well that's how it felt and just when I wanted to tell you that my Show and Tell is finally up. I've had camera issues the past few weeks...

(nearly forgot, the Show and tell is on my new house and garden blog www.theladieslounge.blogspot.com - where else would I put a houseplant pic?!)
Carol said…
Can't believe it took you so long to find Dick's - it is soooo much fun! Especially the climbing wall.
jess said…
I love this post so much. I remember that house - at my friend's house - i wasn't allowed barbie, i was a holly hobbie girl.
Irene said…
thank you for this trip to Dicks. I needed it this morning!
Amy said…
The tubing behind the boat thing is awesome! That's what we do in TN at my dad's. The kids love it! Of course, he doesn't have a super-fast speed boat or that might take all the fun right out of it for me, but still! Ya gotta try it!
catsteevens said…
Amy and Jo already said it perfectly. That big tube looks fantastic! We go tubing down a river - mostly smaller tubes - and it is a lot of fun. But I bet you could use that big one at the beach.

I was at a sports store yesterday too! However, it was not a Dick's store (I don't think we have Dick's here). I held that EXACT Vortex Hydro-slide box in my hands!!! We couldn't seem to find the price.
catsteevens said…
Hahahaha.... I just re-read my comment and realized I said "we don't have Dick's here." HA!
Beth said…
Oh my that gave me a good laugh. We have two Dick's stores in our area - one is considerably larger than the other so my husband and I often have to clarify which dicks we're going to - we might say..."I'm going to big dicks", or "I'm going to little dicks"...then we snicker - how old are we?
Poppy Buxom said…
Hey, is that K behind the goggles? He's a fox! Schwing!

p.s. Word Verification is mgrewhat. This is clearly a typo for Monsignor Ewok.
weirdbunny said…
I've never heard of it, but what a cool shop!!! Looks like you spent the day there!!
kt said…
But of course, my dear, you must KNIT ze red woollen skullcaps, no?

My ex-MIL (I got custody of her in the dee-vorce, and she's a sweetie) once showed me a photo of HER ex, Richard, riding on one of the kid's trikes. This was a 1960's B&W Polaroid photo with scallopy edges, and she had written on it (in an unknowingly prescient moment):

"Dick on scooter"
Miz S said…
I can't believe I almost missed the post about dicks.
Lazy cow said…
I need me some Dicks. Our stores are boring named things like Ray's Tent City.
townie girl said…
My sister had a dentist named Richard (Dick) Weiner.


I think your blog is funny! :-)

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