10 random things

...it's going around.

1. I find it exceedingly difficult to read blogs that are black with white type, it hurts my eyes.

2. Tragic? Yes. But good.

3. I have submitted several lists to McSweeney's. They have all been 'passed' on. This gives me a terribly rejected feeling.

4. Today 2 of my boys grew up a little. Middle went through his room and put his stuffed plush moose head, his army guys, and some stuffed animals in his closet. He confessed that his beloved Muttsey was allowed to stay - under his pillow. Youngest jumped at the chance to walk to the store for me for dish soap, spray starch and peas. He carried his wallet and reported that he nearly 'pissed in his pants' when he thought I had not given him enough money. And also that he could not reach the spray starch - which secretly thrilled me.

5. It's time for me to take out the warm weather clothing. I have a love/hate relationship with this task. Mostly hate now that I think about it.

6. The living room curtains and sheers are filthy.

7. The best easter gift was the SNL Christopher Walken dvd.

8. I'm wondering how my brother is doing kayaking in the wilds.

9. My house is silent save for the clock ticking and the dog snoring. K has left on a business trip and taken my laptop with him. I will be unable to check mail and messages from all points of the building and must, instead, spend time in his 'office' with two giant screens to blog on.

10. 11 days until Bethlehem.


Anonymous said…
I LOVE Christopher Walken.

husband is on a business trip too. mine is in Dubai.

it's raining in Paris.

I'm telling you, life's not fair.
MsCellania said…
Oh, my heart lept for you when you said Middle put away his childish things, but then I sighed in relief as Muttsey is still very much in the picture, but not in sight.
And how sweet that Youngest may not be trusted to fetch the daily necessities! You have yourself a small, self-sufficient sherpa! And I am envious.
It's raining on the high sierra today, and this is a good thing. Husband is in town, but very nearly invisible. How do I know? High objects are being consistently rearranged, and some large animal has been munching out of the refrig. I am assuming it is the largest male in the house, as the rabbit has no opposable thumbs with which to open the refrig, and god knows the boys aren't fixing themselves meals.

I laundered all the can-fit-many-more-of-em-in-the-washer type duds last week. I know your dread.

Hope you have a good week!
BabelBabe said…
"I saw you talkin'
To Christopher Walken..."

Courtesy of Fountains of Wayne.

Only 11 days? Ack!!!
Caterina said…
Once again, I am a little lost when it comes to tasks/rituals related to the change of season. So I'm wondering, why do you hate having to take out your warm weather clothes?

I think that is soo cool that your brother is out there in the wilds.

And I totally agree with # 1. Although I think mine may be too white (and bright).
Anonymous said…
Oh yes to number 1! Infact I see a 'ghost' image of the words when I leave the page. I don't like it.

And a big me too on the winter summer clothes thing. It would be easier if we had a winter bedroom and summer bedroom and we just swapped twice a year wouldn't it? All the clothes, the bedding, the colours would suit our warm/cold weather moods.
MsCellania said…
Oops! Type - "Youngest may NOW be trusted..."
Anonymous said…
Christopher Walken tap dancing with a degree of proficiency, grace and style. Who would have guessed?

Life said…
i too have a hard time reading light type on a dark background. it just plain annoys me and hurts my eyes.
islaygirl said…
i have the christopher walken dvd. MORE COWBELL. and the Colonel Angus skit. i blush every time i watch it.
--erica said…
I hope the business trip is a short one!
Suse said…
My pyrex dish exploded recently too. On Son #2's birthday, when we had approximately fifty people milling about the house. Dramatic? Oh yes.

Are you having laptop withdrawal yet?
lazy cow said…
When you and Babelbabe BOTH didn't post for a day I thought you'd already gone away and not told us. A paranoid mind indeed.
christa said…
Sarah Louise said…
I'll have to google McSweeney's now: what is it? So sorry they didn't like your lists! We LOVE your lists, here!

Bethlehem, sigh. Next time. "The birds on the telephone line, (next time) are crying out to me (next time)..." (gotta love Carole King on a blue Tuesday...)
Sarah Louise said…
oh, mcsweeney's. Yeah, they just don't know gold when they see it. Keep writing!!

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