what's going on on survivor - and, more importantly, what am I wearing?

okay - this is what I am wearing

wearing 3

Dansko closed back, black clogs, in the buff leather, size 6.5
Old Navy cropped pants, in stone, size 8 short ( I see now that they are doing a fine job of enhancing my sausage-like legs.)
J Crew forest green vee neck sweater, men's size small, from the thrift shop, $7
Hermes Plumes scarf in greens and browns, from a garage sale...I kid you not, FIFTY CENTS.

And look, one can see what I WAS wearing
was wearing
as the laundry basket is in this photo -- because I was busy taking photos. and uploading photos. because that is what I do.

As there were no school meetings last night, I was able to view survivor in real time.
I think I am starting to learn the teams. Yaxha is blue and Nakum is yellow, right?
Only 16 on left!
After scattered shots of wildlife, we see that the women are very busy in this episode.
Lydia is cooking and hauling and making stuff.
Brianna is being lazy and stupid. I will not apologize for saying this, if you start talking about the weather, I am going to assume you are stupid.
Meanwhile, Judd, the big doorman guy from New Jersey? or Staten Island? is being tortured by a howling monkey. I know quite a few people who sound exactly like that howling monkey and while I don't find it "the annoyingest" sound in the world, it is rather distracting. I would throw a shoe at that monkey thereby provoking an argument with the zookeeper who I don't like anyway.
But there is no time for shoe throwing.
The teams must build tents whilst blindfolded and tied together.
Sidenote: we like to think that fire will be added to these challenges at any moment...as in:
you'll be building these tents while blindfolded, tied together, AND ON FIRE! or
the teams will climb the FLAMING poles to retrieve their flags!
because we want to take it up a notch.

So yeah. They build tents, they seem to work together well, and the yellow team wins the blankets and pillows.
During the commercial we debate how long the challenge took in real time. Some of us think 30 minutes, some argue that is was an hour and mom says it could have taken a whole day.
When we finish this debate we go onto the why aren't we watching this on the high def channel when we have a high def television debate. Which, I'm pretty sure if you check my archives, you will see that we have every season, sometimes several times. It involves racing up through the channels to channel 702 or 703 and realizing, after changing the receiver settings and sound settings, that the high def transmission of survivor is not full screen. This pisses someone off and we then have to race back down the hundreds of channels to the regular network --ALL IN TIME FOR THE SHOW TO RESUME. It's nervewracking but we are getting good at it.
We make it back in time for the girls hygiene discussion. Glen Close tells us that she would rather stick needles in her eyeballs than give up the game.
And so, foreshadowed being forewarned -- we know who will be the next to get injured.
Over at Nakum they are "feeling alive" and swimming with reptiles. With that zookeeper being all wet blankety. As they consider eating termites we are forced to endure many many disgusting close ups of the swarming bugs.
Finally it was time for a war paint, mayan basketball challenge with human sacrifice.
And seeing as how it is 114 degrees (we are told several times) something might actually burst into flames. Glen Close gets hurt and spits like a man. Brianna is motionless and loses the game for her team. And, SURPRISE! Lydia doesn't know the first thing about basketball, which we can only surmise is due to the whole being short thing -- to which I can relate.
But it is stupid-head (mature aren't I?) Brianna who gets voted out and gives us a sexy over the shoulder farewell...
and we are forewarned that next week's challenge may have NOTHING to do with athletic ability.
So, I'm guessing a giant FLAMING puzzle.


Angie said…
I was really excited that I would get to join show and tell again now that my hands are improved. However, as I am now wearing nothing but maternity clothes there is nothing to see here that you have not seen before. I really hate what most stores are selling for pregnant women. I am not a teenager! Instead I posted what my backyard is wearing in its varying states of undress.
Susie Sunshine said…
I LOVE your hair.
Jennifer said…
I really love your outfit. And was giggling way to hard about your comments on Survivor. :)

My show and tell will be up later on.
Suse said…
Can't see the scarf!!!

(Love the hair)
Suse said…
Forgot to say, mine's up.
ocbp said…
Is that what you're wearing to lunch?
ocbp said…
I think Mark Burnett is leading us to the ultimate in reality tv and will actually perform a human sacrifice as a reward challenge. Ife he can get one of them to burst into flames (actually he did in survivor:africa), then America will cheer and he will be home free. What does he care about Americans anyway? He's British.
Anyone have thoughts on Survivor with celebrities? and I don't mean the lame ones (Ron Jeremy, Flav or the Hilton girl), I mean DeNiro, Penn, Pitt, Willis, etc. Throw in Gina Davis for good measure.
Badger said…
And in other news, Bobby Jon is still hott. Crazy has never looked so good, y'all. I am 11 years older than him, does that make me a pervert?

Oh, and mine is up. My Friday photo thingie, I mean. Sheesh.
kilowatthour said…
your outfit? v. cute. also, i just can't get into survivor. i'm sorry. anyway... i have participated in show and tell to the best of my abilities.
jak said…
Ok- Cute and i have them, Cute and "hello" little, very cute, killer deal but would have liked to seen it!- I like what I can see of your glasses too...
Have a good weekend- mine will be up soon-camera batteries are dead-must dig some out of the kids toys to replace..
jenny said…
I'm in. And my shorts, they are not tan (or pictured) but stone. A better vocabulary may be the key to being more fashionable.

Flaming puzzles? Now THAT's reality TV at its finest.
Angie said…
I'm up! And I love what you're wearing!
SueeeuS said…
I paid attention this week and now I understand what you meant about Rafe's voice. Wish I hadn't paid attention!

Ever thought of a Show and Tell roll sort of like the Self Portrait Tuesday roll? Makes it a bit easier to go see what others are up to.
kt77 said…
i'm in!
robiewankenobie said…
babe, you look snazzy! i forgot to take a photo, and i can't upload from home. i think that's a good thing. i've never mastered the entire outfit concept. i always feel as if something is, uh, off.
Shelba said…
I meant to take a picture of my outfit today, but I forgot...until just now and now I'm just plain tired. I like your outfit though and I'm very jealous that you're wearing a sweater. Oh, yeah, I could wear a sweater, but if I did people would stare at me since it is Africa hot here.

I can't get the Survivor teams straight. I know that my favorite team is the losing team though. I hate the winning team.
Thanks for the Survivor update. I missed it this week. I only really watch it religiously when they get down to about 8 or so, anyway.
You have found some amazing deals. You are the kind of person I have in mind when I head for a thrift store or garage sale, but I only come away with something icky that I will end up throwing away six months later.
christa said…
i was going to post a photo of what i'm wearing, but i realized i just sorta did that in my recent post about my trip to toronto. since i don't have many clothes that fit anymore (yay!) i pretty much wear the same thing every day... you can can safely assume that the clothes i wore in that photo are the same clothes i wear today.

i use really good deoderant. i swear.

as for survivor... i was kind of stunned that no one threw anything at the howling monkeys (like FLAMING TERMITE LOGS) but i suppose a provoked monkey is not something which you're prepared to deal with when you sign up for survivor.

oh, wait. it probably is. i mean, it IS called "survivor" after all. wouldn't it be great if, during the next season, there was one tribe of humans and one tribe of monkeys? that would be cool.

also, i know a thing or two about basketball (but no more than three things), and i have NO IDEA what "a pick" is. my heart breaks knowing that stephenie would have shot ME the same disdainful look she gave to lydia.
Krisco said…
I don't know how I stumbled my way over here, but I love this "what are you wearing" deal. I love the scarf steal...and the rest looks like my kind of outfit. How fun!

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