tuesday's news

  1. Oldest scored a full time job. His tenacity has paid off. He is feeling better about himself. And K and I feel the tightness in our chests loosen a bit.
  2. No surgery for me. Woot. A procedure in the surgeon's office has dealt with a minor issue.
  3. K has been awarded a very large project to complete by the end of October. While it will mean exhaustion for him it will also ease some of the pressure on us.
I am purposely vague --
I know and I am sorry. I suppose if you must have more details you may email me. Suffice to say, these resolutions have loomed over us and consumed our thoughts for weeks and we now know our paths.
Once again, I feel the need to mention that the support of the people who read this and are kind enough to contact me is invaluable.

As I type this K is on the phone with his DP*... it is all drop frames and interpolation** and codec is terrible because they made it proprietary***..doing it on C stands****...never more than a two shot...kino-flo*****... I tell ya, I find this kind of dialogue soooo hot.

*director of photography
**I might know what this means
***no effin clue
I know what a two shot is.


Susie Sunshine said…
Hooray for all, but especialiciously you, my imaginary friend.
Anonymous said…
kino flo is a kind of flourescent light used for film, it doesn't flicker the way a normal flouresent light does, and is color correct....

i think it should be THE codec is proprietary. a codec is a digital video format but not like vhs vs. beta, it's like the new quicktime h.264 ( i think that's right. )

do you did med terms, because I am currently much better at those!

Anonymous said…
that should have been DIG. I have a keyboard on the fritz!

robiewankenobie said…
if you really wanted to talk about it all, i figure you would have. just know that i'm really happy that you've caught a little break. maybe now you can relax a bit...it's been a heck of a month, eh? huzzah for a light at the end of the tunnel!
MistressMary said…
Good for Oldest! And yay no surgery. I'm all for your Tuesday news.
Loretta said…
Good news all around is good news all around! So glad for all of you and love the thrift store sweater!
Badger said…
Yay! Hooray!

I too find jargon hot.
jak said…
Sounds like the load is lighter for all-that's great- congrats on all-but I don't get that code stuff at all-It's way over my head!

Hello-remember... some of us are blonde and from California here!!
schmutzie said…
That sounds a little like the conversations I overhear when Palinode is on the telephone. The hotness is almost indescribable.

Also, I'm glad to hear that your procedure was not severe and that you are well. I worried when you didn't mention it again.

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