Big day here in Tuvalu.
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...(ellipses)
Many things hinging on said interviews and appointments and meetings.
Nothing to report as yet.
Here --
look at this great pic of the sweater I got at the thrift shoppe last week.
I wore it to church with the scarf shown. And a white Gap Favorite Tee and my hopefullynotmom-jeans and black boots.


It was $15.
Talk amongst yourselves.

...and, speaking of which...friday, show and tell?
show me what you are wearing.


Susie Sunshine said…
Good luck to whoever the appointment/interview thingies are hinging on! You'll be brilliant!
Joke said…
I echo Susie's good wishes for whatever it is we're talking about.

-Joke, sloshing with milk of human kindness
Jennifer said…
love the sweater... good luck with all the interviews/appointments. LMAO at hopefullynotmom-jeans :)

Show and tell :) Good Idea!
Carol said…
I'm sure you always look classy and never wear inappropriate jeans! Nice sweater...I love thrift shops - great deals. My favorite, unfortunately, is in Minneapolis.
Salinas blogger said…
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Salinas blogger said…
I'll likely be wearing a two-sizes too large white t-shirt, ratty jeans, Dansko clogs, a white bib apron and one of my many Guatemalan slave labor scarves, so named because my friend Feliciana the Guatamalan told me that such scarves are made by children who are kept out of school so they can weave and help support their families.

All kitchen gear, all the time. I'll take a picture.

Excellent score on the sweater. I'm currently bidding on a super cheap excellent sweater on ebay.

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