show and tell: terrible photos of beautiful things

We are to show our favorite artwork in our home.
My stairwell to the basement is lined with wonderful children's works, but I forgot that when I was taking my pics. What we have here are awful photos of things we see everyday -- all of which we love.

roses good

The roses over the mantle. A real painting which K and I bought each other for our anniversary sometime within the last ten years. It is muddy and warm and comforting.


The beach scene over the couch. Nothing special, sometimes gets switched out for a sunrise over the ocean scene shot by K, but comforting when we can not get to the beach as we love it so.

The Maxfield Parrish book pages from The Knave of Hearts in the dining room.
K fell in love with these first and now I love them too - purchased with the intent of remodeling -- we are now remodeled. Happy and fun to look at from my table.

big board

The big board. Hangs over the dining room table. Contents change all the time.
I saw this blackboard in a catalogue for $825. I told K I wanted it and he laughed and laughed. We had it made for $40. Phone messages, maps, recipes and menus are just some of the important information that grace its chalky surface. No one ever bangs out the eraser.


The Pickle. After a few weeks of nursery school, Middle was finally able to walk with a teacher to his classroom. As he hopped off one day I shouted behind him...
make me a painting today! He came home with this. Spare and perfect. He announced proudly
It's a pickle. And so it is.

Sidenote: My Oldest is not doing very well today. I have a pact with myself to keep this space, my blogspace, positive and fun. But today I ask that you keep him, and us, in your thoughts as we try to determine what to do next. He lives on his own but he may need to come home which will be difficult for all of us.



irene said…
you know I'll be thinking of you.
Loretta said…
You got it, BB.
Susie Sunshine said…
Your art is lovely, as are all your children.

I'm sending good thoughts your way.
Suse said…
You and Oldest are in my heart.

Nice art.
jo said…
Much sympathy and happy thoughts for the parent of a teenager. You are a stronger woman than I.
ooooooo, I want those Maxfield's. Want them! I love the roses and the pickle as well.
Teri said…
I will be making a blackboard for my home forthwith. Love the idea. Prayers are with you and oldest.
Jan said…
I've been thinking of you since yesterday.
Will continue. ;-)
Jennifer said…
Lovely art work. My mom has a similar oil painting of flowers as well as my grandmother, but it's just not "me" I'm on my way to put my show and tell up.

I'm sorry to hear about Oldest. It is tough, Although I'm not there yet with my own kids, but I am the Oldest. I will for sure keep you in my thoughts and sending all the good vibes your way that I can.
SueeeuS said…
You just reminded me that Maxfield Parrish is one of my favorite artists! Love the pickle. And the blackboard. Will be thinking good thoughts for you and Oldest.

p.s. I participated this week.
jak said…
Warm and postive thoughts coming from slo to you, k and oldest-We will keep you in our thoughts and wishes-Take care, jakapk

as for the art work- I love it all!
Carol said…
Love all the artwork...especially the blackboard and Pickle (you really made it look so special with the frame!)
SO sorry to hear of your troubles with Oldest. My thoughts are with you.
kilowatthour said…
i'm up. hugs for you and oldest.
Robin said…
Love that pickle.

You're all in our thoughts and prayers.

jenny said…
Very nice art.

And warm thoughts going out to you and your family.
Melissa said…
I'm sorry that I've been away and missed this...still, good thoughts for you and Oldest (and K and the other boys) are heading your way.
It will be OK. It will. I know it.
robiewankenobie said…
the pickle is my favorite of all.

i hope you don't mind if i pray for you...and it's your blog. if you want to post about oldest, do it. and if you don't want to? don't. but don't be concerned about your "audience."
blackbird said…
I do so appreciate prayers, in any form...

as for my audience, they are nothing but supportive (and fun) so that is not my reason for positive posts.
it is therapeutic to stay upbeat, for me anyway.
I whine to K and he hugs me --
but I always feel it is best to "let go and go on."

you are all very dear to me....
jak said…
Thank you for the nice compliments bb-

By the way my art is up- I know-it's Saturday already-shht
Amy said…
I love those roses.

My thoughts are with you on the oldest! Sounds corny but... remember the love. :)

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