notes for wednesday

Firstly -
show and tell for friday is your favorite piece of artwork -- from your home. This has been suggested by my sweet friend in australia, whose stomach looks entirely too flat, whose feet are too adorable, who is really too smart to hang around with the likes of me. Nevertheless, I bestowed upon her the responsibility of choosing the show and tell. So. Artwork.

Okay, next, please remember that I will once again be attending an open house, this one at Youngest's school, on thursday and will therefore not be able to see survivor until friday.(Dinner with mom = roast beef, baked potatoes, unknown veg.) Happily, this is the last week that this will be a problem for a while.

I saw the lady who hit my car yesterday -- I waited for her by the school to tell her not to worry, that my car was unscathed. She was very happy (and, you know, I love her clothes! and she wears great bracelets and her boy looks like Youngest and is a skater...) but also a bit upset as she had just driven into a fire hydrant. I had noticed that her car was kind of banged up when she hit me -- now I know to stay away from her. Far away. She drove past us later in the evening and both my boys did a mock-horror scream.

Today, sigh, is all about housework --
laundry, vacuuming, and errands. There is one exciting highlight. My mother and I are taking a trip to a thrift shop nearby. I was there the other day and the merchandise was extraordinary.

Have I mentioned that I have a noise issue? I have a noise issue. I am forever asking for the television or radio to be turned down, the crickets annoy me, leaf blowers send me running for the chardonnay...
last week a neighbor behind us cut down two huge trees. This took three or four days what with the cutting and the chipping and the hacking and the sawing and the stump grinding.
Today? My across the street neighbor is doing the same...


Anonymous said…
"Introverted people seem to be more bothered by noise than extroverted people. Individuals prone to depression, hypochondria and anxiety or who are going through a difficult emotional experience tend to be more sensitive to extraneous sounds and consider them noise."

But this doesn't sound like you at all.
Carol said…
Great - I was going to tell you that I am also really sensitive to noise. Two weeks at my parents' this summer almost sent me through the roof - upstairs it was dueling LOUD TVs due to the age of my parents' ears and then downstairs it was my two babies playing loudly. AHHH! Now that I read that "fact" I guess I must admit that I'm probably anxious, depressed or a hypochondriac - hell, what mother isn't?!!
BabelBabe said…
OK I do admit to being depressive, but I also have serious what I like to call "auditory overload issues".
You are so not the only one, if it makes you feel any better at all.

And my husband nearly loses his mind some nights because of the loud radios in the cars driving down our street.

I think, overall, society has gotten way more - way too - tolerant of noise and loudness - to our detriment.
jenny said…
I can tune virtually anything out. I kind of consider it a gift, one that keeps on giving seeing that my neighbors have been building their new home right next door to my living room for the past FIVE months.
Susie Sunshine said…
There are certain pitches of noises that DRIVE ME INSANE while other noises don't even register.
(Whining children manage to fall under both these categories somehow.)

And yes, please, I would love to go thrifting with you.
Suse said…
I'd like to come thrifting with you and your mother AND come to dinner please.
Suse said…
... oh, and then spend the night in that tent.
Jennifer said…
I have a noise issue too.
ssheers said…
This noise issue could be Central Auditory Processing Disorder. I've got it. I can't filter out background noises. I've heard it can be fixed.

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