no photography allowed

We wanted a quality family day. Having had our fill of beautiful beaches, we set out for a museum.
We found a great parking spot.
In France.
Bolstered by this fabulous parking spot we sauntered in.

I knew there were no photos allowed. I saw it on the website. But I was hopeful. I was wrong. The place was crawling with guards. In fact, at one point, the place had a happy little SWAT team out front -- but I don't know what that was about.

We saw some nice stuff.
I was mistaken in thinking that Andy Goldsworthy (remember him?) had done this
sand jetty thing. But he didn't. Another guy did. A guy who also did a map, in puddles of urine, of the constellation of Hydra.
We walked around this too.
In the dark. with eerie sounds playing. it's salt and polymer. and inspired by a murder and arson spree by Norwegian metal bands. yeah. actually, an awful lot of what we saw today was either salt and polymer or salt OR polymer.
Not. Impressed.

I did, however, really like this
one of 37 parking lots, shot by Ed Ruscha. One of my favorites.

We spent a long long time with this.
Calder's circus.
It is quite wonderful and the picture above does it no justice. There is even a short film of Mr. Calder doing an entire performance with it that is just wondrous in it's childlike beauty. Youngest did drawings of it and we all enjoyed it very much.

Mostly the rest of the stuff was kind of meh*.
Or maybe it's me. It just wasn't a great day.
I did pick out a new house on the way back to the car though...
but K likes this one better...
k's house

*I am SO in love with the word "meh." I learned it on the internet and find that it absolutely perfectly conveys my feelings.


Patrick said…
Oy, what museum? I need to go!
Joke said…
Meh is like Feh, only less so.

-Joke, who knows
christa said…
"meh", as far as i know, actually was started by lisa simpson. a great episode where she and bart are lying around on the couch, marge asks if they want to do something in particular, and lisa looks up and says "meh".
Suse said…
Sorry, I'm not coming to live with you after all. I'm coming to live with K. In that house. With the overwrought iron, the bay window, the arches, the lace ... oh! Oh my! I have to go and have a lie down now I am so overcome with the beauty of it all.

PS. I think today's word verification thingie is rude in Norwegian.
kilowatthour said…
you were totally in my neighborhood. well, within walking distance anyway.
jenny said…
And I, liking the middle house (is it the color? is it the windows?) the most, will live right inbetween.
dom said…
Great photos' !
How about popping onto my site to leave me a Tuvalu flag , you do have one don't you ?

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