The tent has arrived.
Middle and I erected it on the front lawn.
Every time something seemed amiss I blamed it on ebay.
Nothing really ever was amiss, I just hadn't read the directions (which I was sure had been left out of the box because it was from ebay...) clearly.
In the end it all went according to the directions, which I eventually read.
It is spacious and appears as though it will be comfortable.
Now to decide on linens.


Do you think that bolster will clash?


jenny said…
AHAHAHA...your pictures are perfect because that is EXACTLY how I pictured your camping gear.

P.S. Most camping "linens" have zippers.
Joke said…
I didn't know you were in the touring company of Out Of Africa!

-Joke, who might (might possibly consider camping under these circumstances. But even then, only for a night.
Suse said…
Now that's my kind of tent. The kind that comes with a waitress in it.
SueeeuS said…
What a fabulous tent!
BabelBabe said…
When can I move in? (On second thought, perhaps i'll wait till all your neighbors are done chopping down trees...)
L. said…
JOke hasnt seen the way we camp. Does your tent have 4 inch wipers on the remote controlled lighting sytem so you can see in a rainstorm?
Joke said…

That sort of camping...why, it borders on the tolerable.

laurie said…
what a great tent. did you order it from mary jane buter's? i posted about her some time ago on my blog. love her!! what are your plans for this tent?

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