dinner with friends

We had a lovely dinner with our friends the other night.
It was supposed to be at the home of the M's, but the C's wanted to do it on their sailboat.
While I loved the idea of that, there was no way K and I could leave the boys for the 7 hours it probably would have taken to have a dinner on their beautiful sailboat...and then the weather turned...and so it all got moved again. We had a beautiful evening at the C's. And our first fire of the season. The C's are adorable, warm and Belgian. I love their house, which is right down the street from ours. And although the architecture of our two homes is similar and we have similar tastes, the C's house has a cozy, very european feel about it.
Don't you want to see it?
Because I managed to take some pictures...

Their living room is small and cozy...

with a funky armoire in the corner, next to the fireplace, which the C's cook in all the time. How cool is that?


Mr. M loves photography. I do not like being photographed. But this does give us an opportunity to see the old cupboard in the corner, and a piece of the painting over his head.
There are very fine paintings all over the house...and buddhas!

this painting, along with this one

are Mrs. C's from when she was a baby.
And I love them. And I want them.

There are wonderful treasures everywhere you look.
And beautiful old chairs and armoires and beds.
The bed behind the chair in this picture is from an old ship.

And look what I found hiding in a corner of the dining room...right up my alley.

We had cheese and salad and roasted potatoes and tomatoes. There were lots of fresh herbs and at one point there was a handful of leaves on the table that we passed around. We took long deep sniffs of fresh marjoram and tarragon and basil. We ate with old old silver off small porcelain plates...and I learned to eat steak with french mustard.

We lazed around the table for a long time just soaking in the evening.
And when it was time to go K and I walked up the block under a very starry sky.


Carol said…
How lovely that night must have been.

My best friend from childhood moved to Brussels in high school. I saved and saved and went to visit her for 5 weeks the summer before my senior year. I LOVED Belgium. One of my favorite meals of all time was in a Belgian restaurant my last night. We had our own waiter all night and I think the dinner had at least 7 courses! Thanks for helping me remember that!
Jennifer said…
How nice is that! To have friends that have similar taste that is. It would make for some really fun ( or competitive) shopping trips :)

Glad you had a good time and thanks for sneaking some pics :)
jak said…
I'll arm wrestle for the chicken pictures-your a little thing!- I know I can take you!-Sounds like a very nice evening- you have such lovely friends.
Badger said…
Dude, I adore your photos but they make me feel like I have macular degeneration. Do you have a flash on that camera? Is it my monitor? Should I make a doctor appointment?

And more importantly, where can I get some Belgian friends to make me steak with French mustard? And when are you and K flying down here to dinner?
jenny said…
Sneaking pictures? Have you told them their furnishings (and walls, I love the woodwork on the living room walls)will soon be the envy of at least 122 readers?
robiewankenobie said…
yum. now that was a delicious evening. on all fronts.
Suse said…
Bit concerned that the C's cook in their funky old armoire.

However, and I am not being the least bit sarcastic here, what do you normally eat your steak with? I'm intrigued, and can't imagine, not having ever eaten steak with anything else but French mustard (Dijon, or seeded).
Huda Ba'haroon said…
Nice pics taken :)

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