two lists

stolen from Badger. because I love lists. It's really better if you read hers first though...

The Love List

1. the scent of Youngest
2. the sense of humor of Middle
3. K's hands
4. cool white wine
5. clean bathrooms
6. definitely bacon
7. the smell of new vinyl
8. pansies
9. all-clad pots
10. homemade gifts
11. old ladies who aren't cranky
12. shopping the sale room at Old Navy and Anthropologie
13. blueberry pancakes
14. romantic comedies
15. earl grey tea
16. anything smoked
17. Wellfleet
18. sleep
19. cooking for people
20. smoke
21. boucheron cheese
22. storm clouds
23. calmata olives, pitted
24. a decent underwire bra that fits and is inexpensive
25. the icing on the birthday cake
26. Creedence Clearwater Revival
27. Hagen Dazs chocolate
28. fleur du sel on my french fries
29. Harriet The Spy
30. fresh cut flowers in the bed or bathroom

The Hate List

1. chick lit
2. White Chicks (the movie)
3. Dr. Phil
4. Vodka
5. pickled watermelon rind
6. perpetual lateness
7. assholes
8. passive passengers
9. the word "healthful"
10. chiefs of pediatric neurosurgery
11. most assuredly Rachel Ray
12. most of the help in drugstores
13. Martha Stewart Living
14. people who sue
15. people who don't shut up in theaters
16. cockroaches
17. hip hop
18. finding anything dead anywhere, anytime
19. Dooce's poop posts
20. colon cancer
21. humidity
22. electrical shocks
23. hair that has been colored too dark
24. guns
25. squid
26. fire trucks in the middle of the night
27. discovering I needed to shave my legs on the way to the pedicure or beach
28. sports
29. still Dr. Phil
30. saying goodbye


Badger said…
Damn, I should have put pickled watermelon rind on my love list! And also green tomato pickles. I loves me some green tomato pickles.
Suse said…
I think you are me in some parallel universe ... spooky
Jess said…
I love Harriet. And so many other things on your list. I might have to steal this and make my own...

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