ladies on the net

I've just discovered Amalah. On wednesdays she gives advice. I wanna know how this got started as I love to give advice. I haven't trawled her archives yet though --
She is awfully funny and cute and pregnant. Not awfully pregnant. I didn't say that -- she'd kick my ass.

And, if you have been following Shelba, she has a magnificent new baby girl -- and an invite only blog about their travels in China which I can't link to cause it is invite only. Aren't you LISTENING?

Momster and I have a huge number of things in common. Boys, husbands away on location, asthma, Paris. Wait - I just wish we had that last one in common.

Finally, there is Joke. Did I say ladies? Close. He loves to shop.


Badger said…
He's also a mighty snappy dresser!
Poppy Buxom said…
And my close personal friend. Be jellus!


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