crise de chaussure

Okay - so, first order of business, friday? show me your toothbrush. In situ if ya like -- with paste if you want, just show it. (and no going out and buying some fancy schmancy one just for the shot.)
remember my terrible problem finding a new coat?
Maybe you don't -- I had about 4 people reading this back then.
Suffice to say, I ended up with no coat.

Presently, my feet are the problem. They hurt all the time.
And listen - I wear :
Dansko clogs
Anywears clogs
Birkenstocks (now I know I've lost the Manolo crowd)
flip flops
and an old pair of Nike Presto ID's

so far -only the Nikes provide relief and allow me to go about my business. The problem? they are four years old and black. I really am not crazy about wearing black sneakers all summer.
I know that Nikes will work again -- but I'm not gonna wear something with springs and bright colors.
Customize a new pair of my favorite Prestos? For about a hundred bucks and three weeks in the making. (Did you know that Nikes are assembled [by poor blind children I'm sure] at three different factories -- I mean each component of the shoes are made in different places and put together somewhere else -- cause Nikes have secret ingredients.)

Or do I get a pair of these?
thereby breaking my cardinal rule against anyone over 30 wearing MaryFreakinJanes?
They are Nikes -- so they will probably feel good.

Or do I go for a pair of these?
Retro Keds!
Probably no support...but cheap and cute right?

Is ANYONE still there?

Gimme a vote people --
Joke, I need you here. Pallinode --speak up.


Anonymous said…
I like the Nikes.....way cool. I'd buy them.....
kilowatthour said…
i'm a fan of the mary janes. even for those over 30... (myself included)
Holly said…
The Nikes, no question. I'm crazy about mary janes and I saw 30 many years ago.
Anonymous said…
Nikes. It doesn't matter that they were sewn together by 2-year-olds without legs who make, like, three cents a day. They are definitely the cuter shoe. And now I want some.

Mary Janes until the day I die,
Anonymous said…
The Nike's 'cause you own them.
The Mary Janes 'cause you'll be right at home on the 2001: A Space Odyssey shuttle
The Keds will kill your feet (but cute).

I'm just sayin'...

Badger said…
There's a new law that says it's okay for people over 30 to wear mary janes. So I would get those. Keds are murder on the feet. You'd have to get insoles made and everything so why bother, really?
jak said…
Both- that's my vote and I'm sticking to it.
Anonymous said…
The Nikes are wicked cool and I'm betting that anyone who wears them instantly become wicked cool. Of course you don't need any more cool, of course.
Anonymous said…
They're both great, but first you need to get the name of a good podiatrist. My feet were killing me a few years ago. The dr. made casts of my feet for orthotics and from the day I put them in my shoes I've been a happy woman. I tried all the good, comfy shoes first too. Now I only buy stuff I can slip the orthotics in. The more I think about it - I'm leaning toward the Mary Janes. Keen makes some great Mary Janes too. I have them in red and blue and I'm well past 30.
Anonymous said…
go with the nikes
Karan said…
Lyvvie said…
If you can't decide between shoes, you buy them both. Save yourself the turmoil and just love the shoes. Love them. Keep them, and wear them with joyful abandon. Not too joyful though, they're not wellies.
jenny said…
I was here for the jacket and stick with you through the shoe quandry too...I'm with the buy both crowd. The Keds, while feet killers are too cute to resist.
Joke said…
OK, here's the thing. You can get orthotics put into damned near everything. So you may have to go for a slightly larger or wider size. I have all sorts of Frankenstein foam bits glued to the inside of EVERYTHING I own and, ask Poppy, I have more shoes than any heterosexual man alive.

Also, the Mary Janes don't look LIKE Mary Janes, so get them, too.

And, lastly, go on eBay and look for matching non-black Nikes.

You're welcome,
halloweenlover said…
I have been on a hunt for comfy cute shoes too. I got Keen mary jane types- they are on Hmmm, I can't remember specifically what they are called, but very comfy and come in lots of colors! I like both of your options! The keds are kind of punchy!
palinode said…
Here's how to decide which pair you really want: force the issue by flipping a coin. If you like the result, go with it, but if the coin's decision makes you go, "Oh well. I guess so," go for the other pair. Works every time.

If you want to skip this process altogether, get the Keds.

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