the year so far

I am pretty successfully avoiding getting really sick -- I am only a little sick.
Slightly sore throat, pounding head and I can feel my pulse in my teeth.
K and Oldest have been working on the apartment, which Oldest and a friend are moving into sometime next week. Am looking forward to giving him all the crap I had saved for our eventual weekend house. hahahahahahaha. weekend house. that kills me.
I will go on monday and douse the place with lysol and bleach and then it's all theirs.
On tuesday I am calling in the board of health, the epa, the faa and um, I dunno who all else, cause my little place, my hovel and hut,'s in pretty bad shape.
Christmas must be put in boxes and re-stored. The dyson must make the rounds. Middle's room looks like he has been playing video games for a week. And dropping his pants right next to the PS2. Youngest's room looks like he has been doing those things plus eating three meals a day in there. The basement is just a complete...uh, hole in the ground, full of crap.
I am thinking of emerging sometime on thursday to go out with my mother.
If you don't see me for a while (as if anyone who reads this actually lays eyes on me...)call for help.
ah bee guzzint


Willie Wonka said…
Hey i like your profile picture :)
jenny said…
Does the Dyson make vacuuming suck any less? - pun (as unfunny as it may be) was fully intended :) My husband wants one badly and the commercials aren't convincing me....
blackbird said…
The Dyson seems to do a pretty good job Jenny. And I would agree that it never loses suction and that it is a breeze to empty. And it is very cool looking. I bought it with a coupon so it was cheap-er. I do have James Dyson's voice in my head when I use it. And I would like to tell him to change his tee shirt.