update on Mr. Staines(with an e)

Go. Go read poor Edward, whose name is soon to be Wangstaff. He has a long road ahead of him and so I have decided to be his friend.


and btw, I did not call him a shite stain. It is pretty funny tho.


Anonymous said…
VERY funny. I felt compelled to leave mr wanker er sorry wangstaff a little note. to think...mocking a persons cheese drawers. that's just rude.

Edward said…
I know it was 'Anonymous' and not 'blackbird' who called me 'shite stain'. I mentioned it in my post because 'blackbird' cheerfully adhered to 'Anonymous's comments in her own post. (I'd better shut up now, or I'll be open to accusations of being 'Anal' Staines - ugh)

I maintain, however, that this is puerile, and nowhere near as mature as 'Wank Staines', which I was affectionately (if unfairly) known as during my years as an undergraduate.

There are a fair few Staineses in Britain, although it's obviously not a common name. I'm changing it largely for personal, rather than "vanity" reasons - also, I don't really fancy becoming "Dr. Staines" - that's just ridiculous.