just a few notes for monday

1. My L'oreal Age Perfect Anti-Fatigue Lotion Cleanser does not appear to be working. I am aging and I am fatigued. I won't even go near the 'perfect.'

2. What's with the quotation marks in this font? Why do they only go in one direction?

3. There are only two, TWO, women in this town who hate me. I know it is difficult to imagine, but it is true. I have been spared the sight of Mrs. A List for a while now as she is at her weekend home, but who walks into book club last night? Mrs. Massage. Mrs. Massage Who hates me.

Someday, maybe, I will tell their stories. Maybe not.

What may be an even more interesting post? How many cosmic signals does this book club have to send me for me to quit it?

feel free to stop in over at
wherein you can see the inside of my fridge along with the snarky comments of um, Edward Staines, that's stains with an 'e' as only the english can spell it. Edward is a perpetual student, it would seem, born in the year of the rooster! I am sure his parents are very proud.


Edward said…
It is a testament to the torrid times we live in that a fridge can cause such a rift in transatlantic relations.

It is also worrying that your response should be confined to a mockery of my name and career. Ouch.
blackbird said…
yeah, Ed, plus you were born in the year of the ROOSTER.
Edward said…
Ironically, I am nothing like a rooster - there is no way I would be up that early, and even if I was I wouldn't be happily cock-a-doodle-doo-ing.

On a related note, I am actually quite intrigued by "Anti-Fatigue Lotion".