the weather outside is frightful

A monsoon has hit Tuvalu. A christmas monsoon. Or maybe it is a typhoon -- I don't know the difference.
There is a giant branch down on the side of the house, it hit the house and K had to go out and clear it away.
Our street sign has blown about 20 degrees to the right.
The power keeps flashing off -- G5 is on backup generator thingy.
The pumps, which are not on backup generator thingys are pumping away and...
we have sprung a huge leak under our kitchen sink.
The leak occurred just moments after I convinced K it would be alright to put all the shells from
those damn lobsters through the garbage disposal.


Anonymous said…
MONSOON:The seasonal shift of winds created by the great annual temperature variation that occurs over large land areas in contrast with associated ocean surfaces. The monsoon is associated primarily with the moisture and copious rains that arrive with the southwest flow across southern India. The name is derived from the word mausim, Arabic for season. This pattern is most evident on the southern and eastern sides of Asia, although it does occur elsewhere, such as in the southwestern United States.

Typhoon ( same as a hurricane or cyclone. ) The name for a tropical cyclone with sustained winds of 74 miles per hour (65 knots) or greater in the western North Pacific Ocean. This same tropical cyclone is known as a hurricane in the eastern North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean, and as a cyclone in the Indian Ocean.

Those shells would have been perfect for a tuvuluan ritual necklace...or, a compost heap. you decide.

Sivani said…

Good luck - I hope it all clears up before tomorrow (well, at least the nasty effects on your family and your house.)

May the rest of your holidays be completely uneventful, a model of normalcy and good cheer :-)
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