wah laa


Didn't touch the cheese drawer. The department of dairy products retains the rights to three cheese drawers -- one cold and two screened, room temperature cheese depositories. There have been recent skirmishes due to the presence of donuts in the west cheese drawer, which is hardly used and the appearance of COCKTAIL NAPKINS in the east cheese drawer.
Fortunately the minister of the interior took pains to correct the situation, but, apparently, will need to speak to our leader regard the rather flagrant excess of cheese in cold storage.
(please note that although it is not cheese at all - American sliced orange vinyl is obscuring the mounds of unpasturized 3, 4, and 5 year old GOUDA. This is in direct violation of the Tuvalan Cheese Act of 2001.)


Anonymous said…
here in the good ole US of A the department of the interior is in charge of everything outdoors......yeah I know.....but that's what they call it. It seems tuvalu got it right, Huh? department of the interior is in charge of the actual INTERIOR. way to go my little islandy neighbors to the wherever you are.

christa said…
a fridge that tidy makes my eyes a bit moist.