I am trying to get my christmas shopping done.
I am driving around in my little black volvo with U2 blasting out the windows.
I am REFUSING to let any valets take my vehicle.
I am purchasing the wrong size not exactly crystal clear cellophane bags for my gifts.
I am going to Middle's winter concert this pm.
I am letting the entire house just fall to pieces while I buy the cellophane bags and argue with valets.

Really. It is a very lot.

This morning the internet was just JAMMED. It took many long minutes, WHICH I FEEL I DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND, to place orders. The main road adjacent to our hut was JAMMED. Many many well heeled women, on the phone, with a latte, are fighting to be first on the line to leave their vehicles with the valets.

But not me.
I am trying to maintain my sanity, procure the gifts, keep our home an island of quiet calmness. (I seem to be losing my ability to write coherently.) And finish assembling all that makes christmas christmas.


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