this just in

So far today we have been to:
Best Buy
and Ikea

We totally scored with a $40 microwave at Target -- and got some other good stuff there as well. Best Buy, surprisingly, wins the best customer service award -- and I completely fell in love with a washer and dryer from LG Tromm. I might have to marry it I love it so much.

Ikea was a huge disappointment.
Ikea has always been very important in our whole holiday thing.
They used to have christmas trees at Ikea. There was some kind of deal where you bought a tree for $20 and then returned it (at which time they mulched it) and gave you a $10 gift certificate. We did it for years and years. Meeting the same people on the line to pay for the tree each year, having the kids miss the morning of school to go with us, waiting on line for what seemed like hours, finding our tree in a GIANT pile of trees, helping other people select their trees by offering to hold them upright so they could be viewed better (and often convincing the strangers that this wasn't the tree for them -- so we could buy it ourselves).

Huh, it doesn't sound like that much fun.

I guess that's why Ikea doesn't do it anymore.

They didn't even have the big christmas tent -- full of brightly colored stuff you don't really need but is cheap so you buy it.

But I'm not going to let any of this get ME down. Cause it's cold and raining!

Going to go have a cuppa tea and a scone.