Middle is too big to be lifted to place the star, and it was his turn, as reported by Youngest, who is the KEEPER OF THE RULES. So K stood by while Middle, perched on a wicker chair, did the job. (His other hand is flat on the ceiling -- Tuvalan huts have 7'6" ceilings, which is something to remember when renovating with carpenters who might just assume they are 8' --but that's another post.)

Early start today --

Got the cards mailed, a little ticked that, because they have a square effin envelope, some of my cards required 12 cents extra postage. There is no attractive way to add 12 cents extra postage to an envelope.

On to Whole Foods where I did some advance planning and managed to get our wholesome groceries for the rest of the week as well as some greens for the mantle. We are having a little dinner party saturday and I have decided that the house must be completely decorated by then.

Back home and it's only 9am! oh the joys that await me.

And lo! the doorbell rings!

It's my walking buddy and she has a gift for me. A CD of christmas music. V thoughtful. Am listening now and although I have MANY compiled cd's of christmas music from several thoughtful people, it would appear that this one is unique. There's whistling and new age-y stuff that I never would have mixed myself as well as some old favorites done new ways. This friend always thinks of my family and has in years past, showed up with gifts for one or the other of us just because she saw something that spoke to her for a particular member of our household. She has survived a serious crisis this year and I am grateful/astonished/proud/so happy to have her back. I know what she battled and it is miraculous she is here.


L. said…
I could photoshop that boy intot he dance of the sugarplum fairies and he'd be right at home. See the subtle angle of his arms...not that he's a pooftah, mind you.

How anout some pictures of things with wood on top.
(obscure reference)