some things I really like

Downy Simple Pleasures
Lavender Vanilla

(don't bother me re the flash - my laundry area is very dark. Pretend it is the LIGHT glowing from WITHIN THE GOODNESS THAT IS DOWNY.)

Snuggling Youngest while he wears this red waffle weave shirt.
(even better if washed WITH THE DOWNY.)

THE vacuum. Period.



Anonymous said…
you were talkin to me weren't you....about the flash....sorry. I HAVE to. "the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection" it's as simple as that. the downy product sounds like a coffee additive. I won't even get into the light ont he waffle weave shirt. What are Ploids? I vaguely know the name. but what are they? they sound like they should be made by altoids.