Home with Youngest today - who has chosen salmon for dinner. What 10 year old chooses salmon? Hub will be so proud - he tries to tip the seafood balance in this house all the time and he has certainly won Y over.

Running around doing stupid things most of the day, freezing cold. I like the cold much better than heat but this seems to have crept in on icy fingers steathily --
or whatever. What have I been reduced to this morning? I cannot stand it when people talk about the weather and I am writing about it.

In other news, we seemed to have escaped the whole Halo thing. We don't even have an Xbox tho two of them ask for it.

Also, I am having a shoe crisis. My feet hurt and nothing I wear on them is comfortable for the whole day except my rubber clogs.

Happy problems.


Shopping with Youngest, I am browsing at boots. Tall boots. Tall suede boots.

Youngest: Mom, if you brought those home, Dad would look at you and say -
where is my wife? Who took her and left this woman with these boots?

Me: Well, what if I bought these clogs?

Youngest: He would just go - huh new shoes. If he even noticed.


Anonymous said…
yo' snizzle ma' nizzle