Big day - so busy and there are dishes and candles everywhere.

First, whilst wearing white shirts and black pants -- as so commanded - Youngest and Middle performed a swingin jazz set at church. Athough Middle was unhappy with his scripted solo and did not completely swing, they were amazing.

Immediately following that, Middle recited a play with the minister and another girl from his class. It was quite startling because he was playing a nasty, mean kid who gave the girl, Molly, a hard time. That kind of behavior is so out of character for him that several of us gasped.

Ran home, had a nice cuban sandwich with E and then dashed off to a local high school production that Youngest asked to attend. Words cannot fully describe...

There was something for everyone as my mother would say. The costumes, the sets, the technical problems! The entire cast was outfitted with those microphones that broadway actors wear near their hairline. Sometimes the mics worked, sometimes they didn't. But that didn't bother the fans -- the groupies! Some people had clearly attended every performance and gave standing ovations to their favorite actors. And, if I may just step into my crass and ugly shoes here, can I just say that casting the young woman with the lisp as the princess who sings the song I'm Shy may have been just a little off. I couldn't quite believe it when she belted out (and she had quite a formidable voice) I'M THY! I listened more closely and soon after she actually had to say -
Juth go to him and thay you're thorry until you are thoroughly thatithfied!
later, she complained, in song, that she
had a thtye in her eye
she was the same character who bragged that she
thwam the moat
and had lived
in a thwamp of gold

There was 2 1/2 hours of thith blith. And I know they are all wonderful kids and I am happy they are not out thooting people but jesuth chritht --
if anyone elthe from my family wath there, I thwear to god I would have lotht it.

And the groupies, and the qvelling parents, with the bouquets.
In the end, Youngest adored it and I liked watching him enjoy it.

But I would have gladly given the child sitting behind me one hundred dollars to stop kicking my seat.

If all this weren't enough, Youngest and I returned home to a completely dark house. It seems that Middle, who is studying Thoreau in church school, decided to conduct "An Experiment in Living" in which we were not permitted the use of electricity. Candles everywhere and it was only 5:45 pm. We did all right and he ended up letting us watch our tv by candlelight at about 8:30. The interesting thing was that Middle insisted on wearing an elaborate get-up that included jewelry from recent bar mitzvahs, a chinese army hat, an Apple shopping bag filled with candles and a stormtrooper blaster.


Amy A. said…
I know I am bored and wasting time haunting various blog archives, but I just gotta tell you, this is making me laugh! Yeth it ith!

Okay, maybe I'll go back to 2007 now.

You're a gem.