survivor night

I don't know why I am excited about it. I don't give a rat about anyone on survivor right now. But it has been and will continue to be our weekly family activity. Some people drift in and out of the room while it is on but last week we had a full house. I enjoy watching the group's reactions to each episode. And, when there are different people watching with the core group the dynamics change.

But I have miles to go before 8pm. Fortunately T is making dinner as I have the following ahead of me:

stop at the cell phone store
eye exam
pediatrician appointment

E reported to me that children are not allowed to sing christmas carols in school this year. I am assuming she is referring to songs like Silent Night and Joy To The World and I am assuming as well that she is talking about holiday concerts and choral/music classes. She found this policy offensive. I don't. She was very surprised at me. Upon reflection I decided that I don't really feel it is appropriate to have Youngest singing about the lord arriving to save us all while at school. I don't find the idea of the song inappropriate, and Youngest can sing whatever he likes -- I just don't like the idea of Youngest singing Oh Holy Night because the people at school have decided he should. I would guess that the population of muslims in tuvalu would agree.
As for Youngest, he is pretty mortified by most of the songs his teacher chooses for them. He tells me that her smile is too tight. And what child finds singing The Farmer And The Cow Man Should Be Friends enjoyable? With bandannas and square dancing?

So there you are. I thought I would add something slightly more controversial to this post as the top half was rather "mundane."

Now you can probably google this site as "Jesus Hating."


Anonymous said…
well, you've got a couple of issues here ( with the christmas carols ) we are predominantly judea-christian culture, so it's understandable to sing holy night, and the like. It does bug me when a company cant have a "christmas party" and has to have a "holiday party" becuase that is just skirting the issue. let's learn and celebrate ramadan if that will make it easier. we have gone too far in not offending. it insulates us from other cultures that are interesting. I think if you ( and i dont mean YOU, I mean people ) are offended by singing a muslim song, or being invited to a christmas party instead of a holiday party, your looking to be insulted. get over it. I think 90% or the population should just chill out. embrace change and difference, instead of villifying it. sermon know...unless your a turkey.
Anonymous said…
Ok, you knew you could expect a response from me...and Jew know who I chaim. ha! j/k. Why cant the school sing Christmas, Hanukah and other songs rather then go the (ok...bring on the flames) Unitarian feel good all is well holiday songs. (I was in the church once and I think they accidently said god in a holiday song...the horror! the horror!)

In God We trust...throw out your money (or send it to me) its on the money in your pocket.

I dunno, how come we all have to get hung up on political correctness of Islam, when our country was founded on Christianity??? If its not for you, well...ignore it, but theres nothing wrong with our children being exposed to all religions, all celebrations etc...

You don't want to say the pledge in the morning, thats fine, don't. You dont want to wish someone a merry christmas, then don't. But arent we supposed to be embracing our diversity instead of contact the ACLU and outlawing it???

Sign me over reacting with two kids in Catholic School...and may god bless.

I feel a kaiku coming in, on no wait, it was just gas.
Anonymous said…
I agree but I disagree. The dollar bill says "in god we trust" but it doesn't say which god. it actually says alot of things in latin, and most conspiracy theorists will tell you it all links be to 33rd degree freemasons, but I digress....

this country wasn't founded on christianity. it was founded in search of broad freedoms, particularly religious freedom (that the pilgrims were puritanical christians is besides the point) . your right, there is nothing wrong with our children being eposed to all religions. but we don't expose them to all religions. we expose them to christianity and judiasm. and THAT's what pisses people off. the three biggie religions are all very similar ( if you strip away the radical fundamentalism that even christians are guilty of, I wont even mention jews, and if im not mentioning jews it's implied that I mean muslims as that?) do you think it is a coincidence that all three religions want the same real estate in the holy land? of course it's not.
Anonymous said…
What?!!? "The Farmer and the Cowman"??!!?? Do the blatant undertones of this alternative lifestyle anthem not send a chill up your spine? The next think you know, they'll have your boys dressing up in grass miniskits and coconut push-up brassieres singing "There Ain't Nothing Like A Dame." The horror, the horror.