recap recover

We had a nice Halloween. Youngest was a samurai and Middle was a fabulous secret service agent and Oldest was out of town. I don't have pictures because my camera battery died. We spent the day in a neighboring state with relatives visiting from far off. They had many many trick-or-treaters and SIL had to resort to giving away hotel bottles of shampoo and conditioner. She went through 72 popcorn balls, assorted candy she stole from her kids, a case of juice boxes, a case of instant oatmeal (oh! said one lucky child- "my favorite!") and three candy apple kits. K took the kids trick or treating and we hit the road for home at 8 which was really 9 and felt like midnight.

While we were out the Paper Eater ate milk duds and smarties, with the wrappers on them and proceeded to throw them up all over the carpet in the living room.

Today is all about catching up for me. Rooms need straightening, carpets need scrubbing and shirts need ironing.

Perhaps I will write more later...