K says: file under christmas angst

Just attempted to place a rather sizable order with amazon.com. Carted it all up under my account only to discover that the promo code we have can only be used at K's account. At work.
Managed to re-work that situation so his account, at work, could be accessed here and discount could be applied. Except we had to change the payment method. And nothing we were ordering could be from anywhere BUT amazon.com. No toys, no electronics, no groovy clothing. Managed to put those items aside in the "save for later" column only to discover that for an order, now reduced to $124.00 we would be forced to pay $60.00 shipping to ensure that the items would arrive BEFORE December 23rd. Even though we were entitled to free super saver shipping and even though most of the items ship within one to two days. It's hard enough for me to click the SUBMIT with even nominal shipping charges. K had already called the secret amazon 800 number to find out why our discount was not working. He encountered a customer service rep who, interestingly enough, could only hear or understand the FIRST half of each of his sentences. (NO! THAT IS TU-VA-LU LU! Yes, LU! ) My point is, we were already pretty frustrated with the entire process.

So I was not anxious to phone the secret amazon 800 number again, and I anticipated having to explain that we : changed our shipping address from his office to home, changed our credit card, were using a promotion code that wasn't working, and that we were only placing the order to have as gifts for CHRISTMAS AND SO, REASONABLY OR NOT, WE FULLY EXPECTED THE ORDER PLACED TODAY, (TWO DAYS AFTER THANKS-EFFIN-GIVING) TO ARRIVE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.

I spoke to a v calm computer for a while who explained that it would really be much easier for me if I used the help pages available on line. Then, after some figuring and some aggravating repeating of my primary telephone number - I found a person to talk with .

She explained that it is a little late to place orders for some of the things I wanted and have them arrive in time for christmas without overnight shipping.

I told her that I thought that was a shame (as if she cared). And asked her to tell her boss that she was not able to take a BIG DEAL $120 order because it wouldn't make it for christmas without my paying $60 shipping. I told her I would go to Barnes and Noble (side note: I HATE it when people say BARNES AND NOBLES or WILLIAMS AND SONOMAS) and a local dvd/cd store to buy my gifts.

And she told me

that if I would be kind enough to press the "submit order" now

she would be happy to waive all shipping charges.

I told her I hope someone does something nice for her too --

and that

pretty much

shut me up.


Anonymous said…
This devotion to Amazon is most curious. If it's books/cds/dvds you are seeking, have K purchase them from B&N.com while at his Manhattan office...if ordered in the a.m., the items mysteriously appear same day p.m.