First we eat, then we do everything else. MFK Fisher

Took a test floating around the web yesterday and I am a gourmet girl. Aside from the fact that I am a long way from girl, I have to admit that the results seem frighteningly true.

The Gourmet Girl is a Foodie with a capital F. All her activities seem to revolve around food, even when she's on vacation. (This part would lead people to think I look like a cow. I may be stocky, thick, solidly built, but I am no cow.)
She'd prefer to be mushroom hunting, sampling the wine country, or making a culinary tour of the South of France with the Michelin restaurant guide tucked under her arm. Or she might just rent a villa and spend the entire time in the kitchen, cooking elaborate dinners for friends and family. (Mushroom hunting implies some kind of hiking. I don't do hiking. Villa, yes. Dirt trails, no.)

Here's the key to the Gourmet Girl: she's a connoisseur. She appreciates the finer things, and she'll gladly pay more for them. She will shell out $1.59 for a blood orange instead of 69 cents for the navel variety, and it's not because they are fancier and more expensive. She doesn't care about status or prestige. For the Gourmet Girl, it's all about quality. (Well, okay, I can see hub wincing here, but it's true.)
She selects cars and clothes -- anything she buys -- based on how well they are made. While the Uptown Girl may sleep on high-thread-count, all-cotton sheets simply because she always has, the Gourmet Girl does it because, like The Princess and the Pea, she can feel the difference. (What can I say? It is a burden one must bear.)

She Might Be a Gourmet Girl if:

1. She drives: a practical car, often higher end. Japanese or European, but always highly rated (Gourmet Girls do their research). Volvo, Volkswagen, Honda, etc. (Volvo)
2. She can talk for more than ten minutes about: The difference between a California chardonnay and a French sauvignon blanc. (Yeah and???!)
3. She begins her sentences with: "Jeffrey Steingarten says..." (I don't really care for Mr. Steingarten, but I can substitute 10 other names for his.)
4. She'd never: drink wine out of a box. (Nor should anyone else in my company.)
5. She owns any of the following: Kitchen Aid mixer, a complete set of All Clad pots and pans, Silpat baking mats, tins of foie gras she brought back from France. (Two out of four, but I did bring laundry soap back from France, does that count?)


Anonymous said…
I want to take that test......where is it.

jeffrey steingarten is a wus. I have never hated someone I have never met with the degree I have reserved for jeffrey steingarten.