what next?

The Socks win. Leo has a heart attack (they are really going a bit too far on West Wing), and the boys spent half the night on the front lawn watching the eclipse. Things feel a bit off-kilter. We, here at Chez Weenie, are hoping that the Socks winning, breaking the losing streak and all, will knock things so out of whack that Bush will lose. To add to the strangeness of it all, I was woken by the moon shining like a floodlight through our skylight -- and then while driving Youngest to Early Sports, *$ was closed!?
This is significant.


Anonymous said…
I watched about three minutes from a west wing from an early season. that show was written so much better in the past.

regarding the moon, you know they say memories like that ( seeing an unbelievably bright moon in the middle of the night ) is a screen memory for alien abduction.

you werent.....abducted......were you?