Currently, I am obsessed with a White Barn Candle Company candle, in a red jar, called Vanilla Sandlewood. I don't think it smells much like either of those scents, but I cannot take my nose out of it. It's a shame too because I have other seasonally scented candles in the house right now (one is apple, one is piney, and one is rosemary) but I don't like them as well. I can't really justify buying another White Barn Candle Company Vanilla Sandlewood when I have other, previously likeable scents hanging around and so I feel obligated to "use them up."
I like to change the scents we wash with and the scents we smell on sort of a seasonal basis.
I am addicted to Good House Company Beach House scent, but that time has passed and presently we have lavender (an old stand-by) at the sinks and red grapefruit in the kitchen.
Lucky for me it is almost time for Winter Forest!!!! (from Williams Sonoma)
Usuable, in my eyes, from the middle of November through March if I purchase the right amount. It sells out just after Christmas and one must purchase carefully.
Would I ever spend $70 on the refills in handy economy sizes? No way. Will I spring for the candle? Maybe.

This is the excitement that is my life.


Anonymous said…
You don't have to use that scented that you don't like! Throw them away cause your scents mood depends on them!