the color wheel

Background: I am standing at the kitchen counter, sorting yesterday's mail. Middle is standing at counter eating toast.

ME: oh look, here's that letter from your principal inviting me to attend the meeting called "Risky Business" to hear about the rampant sex in the middle school.

MIDDLE: you're not going are you?

ME: well I don't know, I mean, they make it sound like there are girls having oral sex in the cafeteria!

MIDDLE: not at my table.

(I proceed to start looking at the Fine Paints Of Europe full color brochure I receive quarterly [don't ask] {okay, do, cause when you spend that much on paint, they should send you a freakin magazine -- monthly})

MIDDLE: THAT'S the thing about sex in the middle school?! With the colors????!

ME: well, sex can be very colorful.

ME: see, here is the color wheel of sex!

ME: ooooh and the brushes....

MIDDLE: (*&%$#$#@@) (puts dish in sink and leaves silently)