apple update

I get it. I can drag and drop from there but not from here. All right. Whatever.
On the apple front, I made another apple pancake. Cooked through but still too
eggy. Will reduce the number of eggs and try again, but am beginning to think
that this may not be the perfect Christmas breakfast...or I could just be sick of
Have just eaten an apple with peanut butter and am about to embark on my first
Tarte Tatin, which, it turns out, has its own official website.
And, if I took the time to bother to learn how, I could link to it directly.
But making pate bris is hard enough this afternoon...

ps - what's with the effin line breaks?


Anonymous said…
i think you may still have some formatting issues. but whatever, you got pics, and that's the important thing.

I like that pic of hubby, I like not being able to readily identify, it's a nice touch.