apple pancake

Middle and I tried a new recipe last night. The first in the series of apple recipes. I read about it on a blog (what a shock)
and we thought we would do a test run to see if it would qualify for our annual Christmas breakfast.
You start by peeling and slicing four tart apples. Why do you suppose that hurts our hands? Could it be the maniacally tight grip we employ to hold the apples? What's with that? I thought it was just me, but Middle's hands were crampin up too.
Saute the apples in an oven safe pan, IN A STICK OF BUTTER.( I am remembering fondly the Julie/Julia blog) Add some brown sugar and cinnamon to the pan, then top it with pancake batter (from scratch or a box I suppose).
Then it goes in the oven.
We were good up till there.
We got a new oven -- well, like two years ago, and we haven't figured it out yet.
It seems to cook really fast and really hot but not all the way....
So our pancake was gooshy in the middle. The edges were amazing tho so we will have to try it again.
This afternoon's recipe, PIE.

I seem to remember being really really happy last year when I finished the last of the apples.
I think I made something apple every couple of days for a few weeks.
So far I have given bags of apples to: crazy Russian music teacher, Chef's family, K's brother.
Should I bring a bag to our creepy neighbors? That's how I welcomed them to the neighborhood last year - with a bag of apples. They brought us some tomatoes this year...should I maintain the lines of trade? They are nice enough when approached but kind of creepy when observed from my house.
Then again, the same could be said of me and mine.


Anonymous said…
hand cramping? when I teach people to kayak, i have to constantly remind people to hold the paddle loosly. you will wear your self out. I feel this may be your problem. grasp the apple like an egg. holding it just as tightly as you need. it is a zen experience. BE THE APPLE. i'm not kidding....

why do you put pancakes in the oven?