October 25, 2016

October 12, 2016

crazy busy

I'm busy.
I'm back from a great trip to Chicago (it's on Instagram) and leave for Germany on Sunday.
Everyone is well. K's finger is mending, Youngest loves his job (and his girl), Middle is busy, Oldest is going away for a few weeks to help a friend and, well, I have lots to do.

I never write about current events which is easier than tackling some of them.
There was a train crash (not my train line) a derailment (my train line, my doctor on board)(she has a torn rotator cuff) and there's an election. Oldest was in a bit of a sweat this morning arranging for an absentee ballot.

We're all afraid...but we know what to do.

Notes on this video.

October 6, 2016

new favorite

Via Angie, whilst we visit the huge annual church rummage sale (we're thinking of making a horror movie: THE RUMMAGING) and hit up the thrift shop.


October 2, 2016


Two years ago.
A hard time for us. But off I went to Germany - which I'll do again this year.

Four years ago.
A monster storm.

Six years ago.
Damn zombies.

Eight years ago.
I got a job.

Ten years ago.
We all seem so young.

Twelve years ago.
I started writing here.

This week I'm traveling to Chicago, I'm hoping for a final decision on where my company will relocate to, and I'll prepare for Germany.
K's had his stitches out and will see my physical therapist on his way to work.

All is well.

September 25, 2016

wonderful links

This is a great invention. K's wallet causes him pain with some frequency.

Did I mention I fell in love with Nolet's gin? Not the fancy expensive one, just the regular one.

Excellent facial hair.

I was just wondering about how the drinking game in Shanghai Noon worked.

I have mixed feelings but I was curious.

I love the occasional royal read. 

Most of us work every day now. We're going to need some help with this.

I want to try this.

No, I'm from New York. 

Courtesy of Middle. Fascinating.

Hella good.

This too!

Surprise! I love this not-black bag.

Have a great Sunday.

September 24, 2016

dateline: Tuvalu

Boy, it's been a crazy week.
I've been working my ass off and rushing around.
And the thing is, we have some issues to deal with....

Before we went to Cape Cod I went for a check-up. I'd been feeling exceptionally tired and I thought I ought to check in with my osteopath. She did some blood tests and called me while I was away to say that my vitamin D is very low and my B12 is completely depleted. I have to have shots once a week for at least three months. I have 50,000iu's of the vitamin D (prescription) which I take on Monday mornings for at least three months and she told me it will take many weeks before I feel better. So that's that.

Meanwhile, we had a tremendous feast prepared and cooked for many hours by a good friend of Oldest's who is a butcher (and a musician, and a painter, and a writer) last Thursday evening. It was historic. Aged steak tip quesadillas grilled in lamb tallow that he reduced himself, ribs, brisket. Miso slaw. Extraordinary food waiting for us when we returned from work. Oldest cleaned the kitchen the whole day while his buddy cooked but, as we do, we left the knives for last. The next morning I was at work when K did this last bit of cleaning up and dropped the cleaver and, I don't know how, sliced his middle finger. He texted that he was driving himself to the ER as he thought it needed stitching. As luck would have it, someone else in the ER needed the plastic surgeon so K agreed to have him too. The plastic surgeon told him he had severed 70% of the tendon in his middle finger and that the regular ER doctor would have just closed the wound and he would have lost the use of that finger within a couple of days. Tra la la. Off he went, bandaged and stitched to see Dr. Schmancy who is, after all, our hand surgeon. We were very worried he'd want to operate but he didn't. He had a good look and gave K a much more manageable splint. 19 stitches. Two weeks to heal. Now I have to enlist sons for tight jar-lids and heavy lifting. He was in great deal of pain but is doing better this weekend.


My Busy Week


The Brisket


Unwieldy Plastic Surgeon Bandaging


Old Fashioned


I haven't even mentioned the leak in the kitchen ceiling.
Maybe I'll tell you about it after it's repaired.

We're fine. Just fine.

September 8, 2016

an update from Cape Cod

I'm sitting with a hard pear cider.
K is across the room working.
We'll go up to Mac's for dinner tonight.
We've already had clam rolls and pasta with lobster and tomato sandwiches.
The house is cozy, the bed is a dream and I bought a tube to sit in in the bay.
It's pretty swell.

in a tube

K's lobster pasta dish.


Cheese dinner after a big lunch.


Site of the aforementioned big lunch.


Got some pie.


Enjoying the hell out of tomato sandwiches.




PS: this is the first time in 20 years that no one is going to school this week.