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links and photos/photos and links

I've spent a lot of time here

and, even when I'm not there, my head is there.
This week I worried over this

as the archaic city laws won't really allow for things to be the way we need them...which I cannot explain here and now. Suffice to say: three of us spent about 36 hours on it and I think the problem is resolved.

Spring is happening.

See the trees budding?
See me and K buying plants?

We're terrible gardeners but we try every year.
Tomatoes, window boxes, and, this year, hops.
Rosemary. We bought more rosemary. Not that we use it so much - we just love it.

K bought me this too. A new wedding band.
We'll be married 35 years in August.


Read up on Dave Chapelle last night and then watched his new stand-up. It was good.

So true, this piece is. I am, secretly, a ballerina.

Middle and Youngest's F1 playlist. A musical thing of beauty.

We've been watching Mind of a Chef and now we want one of these to replace the ancient Cuisinart we got as a we…

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