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my big project, photos, some words

760 plastic crates, packed, numbered, labeled, ready to go.

The staff (136 people) packed their things. 
The movers packed everything else.
We closed the office at 3:00.

The movers had two trucks loaded in the first two hours.
At 5:30 they began loading the third truck.
My moving partner, C (IT Director) and I sat and worked with a last look at this

We ate frozen food left by the employees and, at 10:19, got the word that the tree (last thing on) was loaded and truck 11 was leaving.
We grabbed our bags and headed downtown.
We had rooms in the Hilton next door.
We were told to prepare for very long days - and we were prepared.

Historic to the company (65 years old), the tree arrived first and was tucked safely away.
By the time C and I arrived downtown 760 crates had arrived and N, our project manager had put them, in threes, in each numbered location. So, things looked pretty good. Everything in its place - our job: make it habitable.

C set up shop at his workstation. I grab…

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