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It's true. I rely on Instagram to document what I used to write about here. I'm lazy and busy all at once.
It's the long holiday weekend after which K and I will fly to Italy.
We still need to shop as K is planning to make Japanese food for Paola. We have some tricky packing to plan as we will bring food with us, but we are experts at this kind of thing.
I'm having a wonderful time listening to The Hot Flush podcast that my friend (our friend) Kim does.
Don't I sound so modern? Listening to a podcast? Well, don't get excited - it takes a long time for me to figure out to get it to play on my laptop.
I've got a new laptop - well, two laptops actually as we ALL got laptops at work, but I got a new home laptop too as my wee little MacBook Air doesn't really charge properly anymore.  They've got me a swell new MacBook. Not a Pro, just a MacBook and it's wee tiny as well and has a very sleek keyboard.

I had an extraordinary facial last week, gifted t…

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