August 21, 2016

last week in six photos



Do not care. Don't. Care.
Life goals. What a joke.



Zucchini flowers, from the CEO. Very lightly coated and fried. Fabulous.



A rabbi, blessing a load of dirt on my block. NO CLUE.



Took my team to see the office spaces we are negotiating for. One space is new and has a view.



One space is old and grand.



Youngest was out late. Left me a note when he got home. Excellent role model.

August 20, 2016

some thoughts on sports

We're watching water polo.
Who actually plays water polo?
Do you know/have you ever even heard of anyone playing water polo?
And how have those little hats with the bows under the chin not been modernized?
The players can palm the ball!
Oh, I would faint, be winded, in mere seconds, Middle offers.
Meanwhile, on another channel, they are playing handball, which looks exactly like water polo but is on land, with a smaller ball.
Why is this not called land polo? I ask.
Because land polo is played with a horse, Middle contends.

We nod solemnly.

August 19, 2016

blackbird's two minute movie reviews: Jason Bourne

Did you know I love a good "action thriller?"
I do...if there isn't a lot of brutal violence. Or bloody gore. Not a fan of terrifying suspense either. Or being afraid. Or disgusting aliens. Or rape and torture.
This annoying list keeps me away from dozens of movies, but every once in a while I get lucky. I've only hidden my eyes from a handful of scenes in the Bourne canon, so I thought I might be okay. And I was! There was only one part I hid my eyes during.
Did I love it? Meh.
Did I hate it? Nope.
Was it entertaining? Yeah, I guess.
There certainly was a ton of action. I felt breathless.
There was a strong female character, which I appreciate.
Matt Damon is fine.
I think the thing that stuck with me was Alicia Vikander's hair. Is that crazy?!
Fortunately, I am not alone!

August 17, 2016

August 17th

Ooooh, look!
Here's Oldest in his grandfather's army jacket and a furry hat having something nice and warm....


And here he is with his brothers, to whom he is devoted to about 200 percent.


And here he is (same jacket) on his granddad's farm, with his cousins.


What can I say about Oldest?
Fiercely loyal, honest, dependable.
Fiercely everything, really.
You want Oldest on your side. He'll never let you down.

And today is his birthday -

we wish him every good thing.

August 15, 2016

it's Monday, here are some links

Do you want to shoot fire from your hand? Now you can.

Some interesting information about Casey Neistat.

Now I'm intrigued by the Lampe Berger.

Let's relax.

Things you should make, not buy...I have to say that I disagree with several!

I'm in love with this house.

They are action figures not dolls.

This has been up for a while but it's so good I had to include it.

This too.

This guy's good with toast.

100 calories. I'll take the radishes.

Is it cool where you live? We're melting.

August 14, 2016


I'll tell you what we're doing this weekend, or I am anyway...hiding from the heat.
We are:


watching the Olympics (my god there's a lot of swimming).


Learning a new way to make hard cooked/soft boiled eggs.


Dining off beautiful placemats the boss brought from Italy.

Thrilling, I know.
But I did go on a field trip to Fire Island on Friday, which was pretty swell.
You can drink anytime, AT ANY TIME on Fire Island.
So, when I was handed a blue cocktail at 11:35am who was I to argue?


The blue, it was explained to me, is VODKA.
Blue vodka.
Who knew?
Also, please to note: my hostess is all about the presentation.
Look at that straw.
Note the flowers.
AND she had ice. She's living on a boat and has ice.
There was plenty of great food too - fear not. Burgers and salads and snacks.
But she stole my heart when she baked up some pretzels late in the afternoon.


Fire Island. You really can't beat it. There was a heat index (no, I don't know what that means) of 110 on the mainland but it was in the high 80's on Fire Island so, you know, it felt comfortable. Of course it helps that the ocean is two blocks behind you and you're sitting on the bay.


Here's a waze map for reference.

I drove back at about 7:30. It was well into the 90's.
K agreed it was time to air condition our downstairs and it's made a tremendous difference.